Camp Taiwan and Field Trips Postponed

Due to the Talim typhoon, the elementary, high school, and Camp Taiwan trips have been postponed. The Elementary students will go on Friday, September 29. 1st and 2nd graders will go to Alice’s Garden in Changhua, while 3rd-5th graders will to Aofeng Mountain Sports Park & Carton King for both active and crafty students . Middle school students will go to Camp Taiwan from Wednesday, November 8 to Friday, November 10. High school students will go to Monster Village on Friday, October 20th.  We are looking forward to a fun field day off campus.  Let’s hope for sunny weather!

Assistant Director: Annie Tung


由於泰利颱風的影響,我們原先計畫的校外教學都必須延期舉行。 小學部校外教學將改到9月29號星期五:小學一、二年級的學生將到彰化的愛荔枝樂園;三到五年級學生將到鰲峰山運動公園以及紙箱王進行動、靜兼具的校外課程。 初中部Camp Taiwan之旅改為11月8號星期三到11月10號星期五進行。 高中部學生到妖怪村的旅程則將改到10月20號星期五進行。 我們預祝學生們都有一個愉快平安的旅程,並希望當天是個好天氣!

副校長:Annie Tung