Dear AST Family and Friends,

It is time to start talking about ERB, our annual external assessment for students, and to get ready for conferences. In both of these areas, we are excited to talk about improvements. 

In the area of assessment, we are switching to the MAPs assessment (by NWEA). We believe that this assessment will give us better information in informing instruction in the classroom and take away less class time. The data is still compared to other schools around the world and we will share our results with you when we have the processes all figured out. 

For conferences for our middle school and high school students, we are excited to adopt a new model that is better for our kids. It is more focused on learning and engaging in meaningful reflection about themselves as a learner. This will be our first time using this model at AST and we expect a lot of hiccups along the way, so please bear with us as we learn and put into practice this new model together.

Best regards,




在評量方面,今年我們將採用NWEA的MAPs 測驗,而取消ERB測驗。我們相信MAPs 評量可以占用學生較少的課堂時間,且同時提供更好的訊息供老師教學時使用。MSPs評量的結果同樣會與世界各地其他學校學生做比較,我們也會在獲得測驗結果後,將相關資訊與您分享。