Dear AST Family and Friends,

Today our high school students are away on their field day. We look forward to their late return. For those that take the bus, we are offering late buses today to get them hope. Next week is a very busy week. At one end, we have student-led conferences and elementary parent-teacher conferences and, at the other end, we have our Halloween festivities. And finally, we wrap it all together with themed dress up days for Spirit Week. It is a great week to be on campus.

Best regards,


Student-Led Conferences

Student-led conferences are a discussion about your child's learning. The conversation is an opportunity to talk about what they learned, why that is meaningful, and what they are still challenged by. Some questions that teachers and parents may ask include:

Ÿ   Why is that important? interesting? challenging?

Ÿ   What other things might that relate to?

Ÿ   What do you want to do differently next time?

If a parent is unable to attend, students are still expected to hold their conference with their homeroom / advisory teacher. They are encouraged to try and bring an alternative adult from home or find an alternative adult on campus. The members of the staff and administration are already signing up to step in for parents as needed.

Finally, this is the first time for most parents and students. It will be rough around the edges, and we will talk about the experience, and improve upon it. It is important that we make this our own. We look forward to seeing you on Monday.


LAC Bell

The Lincoln Activity Center gate is only open for drop off (until about 8:30 am) and pickup (until about 5:00 pm). If you find yourself inside and needing to depart while the gate is closed, please ring the bell for service and the guard will open the gate remotely.

The bell is located on the wall outside of the unmanned guard room of the Lincoln Activity Center.


今天是高中同學的校外教學日,我們預計他們回到學校時將比平常上課時間晚一點。平常搭乘校車回家的同學,可搭乘由載他們前往校外教學的巴士接著轉成的晚班放學校車,依晚班放學校車路線回家。 下星期將是學校非常忙碌的一星期。開頭的星期一當天有特別課表,我們將舉行學生主導會議及小學部親師懇談會;結尾的星期五當天也有特別課表,將進行萬聖節前夕慶祝活動;且整個星期都是Spirit Week 活動,星期一到星期五每天都有不同的衣著主題讓同學們發揮。整個下星期將會是我們校園生活超棒的一星期。




Student-Led Conferences/ 學生主導會議

Student-Led Conferences/學生主導會議是個針對您孩子的‟學習ʺ來進行討論的會議。藉著這個會議,您可以與孩子及老師談談,為什麼孩子覺得他的學習具有意義? 而學習中又有甚麼是極具挑戰、很難克服的? 下列幾個問題,請老師與家長們可以包含在給同學們的問題中:

Ÿ   同學所提出的有何重要性? 很有趣嗎? 很有挑戰性嗎?

Ÿ   其他還有甚麼與同學所提出的具有相關聯的嗎?

Ÿ   下次同學你想有怎樣不同的做法呢?


最後提醒大家,我們大部分的家長與同學都是第一次進行這樣的會議。可能這次會議經驗將會有點粗糙,但我們必定將於會後進行檢討,並且於下次加以改進。重要的是,我們自己要擁有這樣的經驗。 期望星期一時能見到您一起來創造歷史。

LAC 呼叫鈴

學校LAC校區的大門平常只於上學時間(上午8:30以前)與放學時間(下午5點左右) 開放車輛進出。 如果您要出校園時發現門已鎖上,請利用LAC一樓餐廳門邊的呼叫鈴裝置,與第一校門這邊的警衛對講,請他以遙控為您開門。