Dear AST Friends and Family,

We hope that everyone enjoyed their holidays. We are preparing for student-led conferences and Halloween activities. We are beginning the fall MAPs testing process. Thank you for being part of our great community.

Best regards,

Anthony Keen


Teacher In-Service Days, EARCOS Weekend Workshop

AST teachers are committed to continuous improvement. This past weekend, they modeled the behaviors associated with lifelong learners. They attended an AST and EARCOS sponsored workshop, "Learning Focused Instruction and Assessment". They questioned their own assumptions about assessment, reflected on their practices, and pushed themselves to improve. It is wonderful to have this opportunity to connect with each other as well as colleagues from around Taiwan. We had 11 participants from other schools in Taiwan and 1 participant from an international school in mainland China.


Air Pollution Watch

We take student safety as our highest priority at AST and monitoring the air pollution levels is just one part of that. This week, on Thursday, we did keep students inside as a precaution when pollution levels were exceptionally high. We have researched this topic in the past (how can we best protect our kids) and will continue to look for the best ways to keep everyone safe. At present, our air conditioner configurations do a lot to reduce the air pollution levels in the classroom spaces. Also, the green space our school is in helps to combat those same pollution levels.


希望大家都享受了美好的中秋、國慶連假。學校目前正忙碌於準 ‟學生主導會議ʺ 以及 ‟萬聖節前夕活動ʺ ;同時本學期的MAPs 標準測驗也正在進行中。感謝AST大家庭中的每一份子,謝謝您對學校的支持。




AST老師們都肩負著鞭策自己不斷進步的使命。上星期六學生放連續假期時,老師們以身作則展現終身學習的楷模,參加了由AST主辦並由EARCOS贊助的"Learning Focused Instruction and Assessment (以學習為中心的教學與評量) " 研習營。 老師們在研習會中,反思自己評量學生的設定,並將心得反映到個人實務經驗上,促使自己再更進步。 這次研習會,AST老師不但能與其他同事一起研習,同時還有來自全台各地11位外校的老師及1位來自中國大陸國際學校的老師共同參與,真是一次很棒的學習機會。