Dear AST Family and Friends,

We have just completed our fall MAPs testing and we will get the results to you soon. The technology improvements helped to make the process more efficient and streamlined and the switch to a growth-based test should provide us better feedback as to how our students are growing and in what areas we need to focus additional efforts.

I, also, wanted to share the student-led conference results of the parent survey.


This was a great learning experience for our kids and a real opportunity to see inside our students' learning. We look forward to improving the process for the spring conferences.

Looking to next week, the rescheduled Camp Taiwan trip for middle school students leaves on Wednesday and returns on Friday. Student questions should be directed to advisory teachers, Mr. Michael, or Ms. Wilson.

Have a great weekend,

Anthony Keen


Parent Association Feedback

The Parent Association gave us a few things to look into and respond to and I want to share a little about our processes that resulted from some of their valuable questions.

The PA raised concerns about lunch quality. Some parents have also suggested possible new lunch vendors. We have been in contact with all of the suggested vendors and some are bringing in food samples for tasting. As part of this tasting process, we have requested four middle school / high school portions for parents to come in and help taste and give feedback. Arrangements for which parents are coming in to taste will be made through the PA. Also, additional suggestions for possible vendors are always welcome. Finally, based upon student feedback, one vendor was discontinued this week.

The PA expressed concerns about the upper court turning shoes green. We are looking into why this is happening and will respond further when we have more information.

The PA encouraged us to reconsider our practices around health checks. We have done a good deal of research into options for government support and the practices of other respected international schools in Taiwan and come to the position that we will be requiring all students to get a health check from their own doctor every two years. The exact details and forms are being developed and we will share them as we get further along in this work.






初中部同學將於下星期三到星期五前往位於新北市的Camp Taiwan營區進行校外教學,真令人期待! 如果有關於這次校外教學的相關問題,歡迎大家與負責老師Mr. Michael,或是Ms. Wilson聯絡。