Dear AST Family and Friends,

We wish you a restful Thanksgiving holiday. Please enjoy the time at home with your family and take a few minutes together to be thankful for all that you have.

Best regards,

Anthony Keen

Important: Add AST Line@

To improve our communication with parents, we have adopted Line@ - a broadcasting Line tool that will allow us to notify parents instantly as necessary. For example, parents will receive messages when a bus runs late, upcoming school events as well as for emergency situations such as school closure due to typhoons. Please add our Line account today and get instant notification!

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重要訊息:請加入AST Line@

為了加強學校對家長的聯繫,我們註冊了一個Line@官方帳號 - 希望藉此帳號在必要時,即時地將緊急訊息公告給家長知道。例如,校車因故誤點;學校即將舉辦的活動;或因颱風臨時需要停課等各種狀況,我們都會在此帳號發出公告。請立刻加入AST Line@ 好友,您將隨時可收到學校最即時訊息!

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