Dear AST Family and Friends,

We are preparing for Thanksgiving festivities and we would like to invite all parents to come join us on Wednesday, November 22nd for an afternoon of giving thanks and building community. At 11:15 there will be an all school assembly with a handful of performances followed by lunch and afternoon activities. It is a relaxed AST family afternoon and we hope everyone can join us.

Best regards,

Anthony Keen


Tea Time with the Directors

Dear Parents,

We would like to invite you to join us for Tea Time with the Directors. This is an opportunity for parents to sit down with the directors to ask questions, share ideas and give feedback about the school in general or their division specifically. We will meet in the MPR at 2:30 pm.

Elementary School Parents - Thursday, November 30

Middle School Parents - Thursday, December 7

High School Parents - Thursday, December 14

If the parents value this opportunity, we intend to continue during second semester on an almost monthly basis.

We look forward to seeing you.

Anthony & Annie


Camp Taiwan

Our middle school students have been busy team building at Camp Taiwan this week. The camp director has shared this link for photos of their adventures. We look forward to hearing their camp stories and reflections next week.


感恩節即將到來,我們邀請到所有AST家長於11月22日星期三當天能來學校參加一年一度的歡慶感恩節活動,並同時與AST大家庭內所有成員培養更深厚的情誼。當天學校活動將於上午11:15開始,在學生們的表演後,立即展開全校年度感恩午餐會及下午的活動。  我們希望所有AST家庭成員當天都能享有一個輕鬆愉悅的午後,期盼大家前來AST與我們同歡。




Tea Time with the Directors


我們誠摯地邀請您到學校來參與本學期的 "Tea Time with the Directors" (校長茶敘)。 希望藉此機會家長們可到學校與校長一同坐下來,好好聊聊學校事務,分享您對學校教務、學務等各方面的想法與意見。讓我們相約於以下幾個星期四的下午2:30在學校行政大樓二樓MPR見面:

小學部家長 – 11月30日

初中部家長 – 12月7日

高中部家長 – 12月14日







Camp Taiwan

這星期我們初中部同學全體前往Camp Taiwan營區加強團隊建設。他們在營區活動的照片請點選這裡。我們期待下星期他們回學校後,為我們述說這次活動的精采片段與心得。