Dear AST Family and Friends,

Congratulations on finishing the first semester. We made it! The high school semester exams are completed. The elementary school celebrated their classroom communities. The middle school drama production of "Alice in Wonderland" was wonderful and showed off the tremendous growth of the young people involved in the production. We are already looking forward to the next production. It was a great end to a wonderful semester.

The AST Portal should be rolling the visible schedules over to second semester shortly. Middle school schedules will be updated in the Portal over the next two weeks. For schedule changes, please see Mr. Keen when we return in January.

Finally, we would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season and a restful vacation.

Best wishes,

Anthony Keen


我們完成這一學期了,恭喜大家! 學期的終點,高中部完成了期末考;小學部各班有自己的慶祝活動;初中部推出了戲劇課成果表演“Alice in Wonderland”(愛麗絲夢遊仙境) ,初中生們表演得非常傑出,我們看到了所有參與同學都有長足地進步,讓人已開始期待他們下次的演出。 這美好的一學期就這樣畫下了最佳的句點。

AST學校網頁個人Portal帳戶,近期內將可見到自己在下學期預訂的課表,初中生的課表則預計在未來兩周內更新完成。如果同學們想要調整個人下學期課表,請於一月份開學回到學校後,直接找Mr. Keen校長更改。