Dear AST Family and Friends,

I am amazed that we are already at the end of the first semester. This part of the school year seems to fly by so quickly. Today was the Elementary School End of Semester Celebration - it is always a wonderful time with our youngest - and this year was no exception.

This week, we also hosted our third Tea Time with the Directors. Our guests this week were the high school parents. They offered great ideas about increasing the quantity and quality of our college advising. They urged us to really start focusing on college with our ninth grade students. They also shared a handful of other ideas that we hope to implement over the coming year. We really appreciate and value our parents and their thinking. And, we look forward to Tea Times next semester.

Finally, Mr. Conn has struggled with his health in his short time at AST. He held out as long as he was able but he has now resigned from our faculty. We wish him the best as he moves on to the next stage of his life. Mr. Conn will be replaced by Mr. Valentino Salvato in January. We will share more information about him once he arrives. Thank you for your patience as we transition to a new teacher in middle school mathematics.

Have a great last week of the semester,

Anthony Keen


Quick Reminder List:

Ÿ   Middle School Drama Performances

Wednesday, 2:00 pm for ES & HS audience.

Thursday, 10:30 am for MS & parent audience.

Ÿ   High School Semester Exams

Wednesday and Thursday

Bus leaves at 1:05 on Wednesday for high school students.

Ÿ   Last Day of the Semester

Special Schedule click here

Bus leaves at 12:30 pm on Thursday for all students.


真令人驚訝,這學期就要結束了。 每學期接近尾聲時,時間總是過得飛快。今天我們小學部舉行了這學期的學習成果發表會。與學校這些最年輕的小朋友在一起的時光,總是特別美好,今天也不例外。


最後,藉此機會向大家宣布,Mr. Conn老師這段時間裡,雖一直盡力教學,但因個人健康因素問題,目前已辭去AST的教職。我們祝福他前往人生中更美好的下一站。下學期開始,新聘的Mr. Valentino Salvato老師將接下原Mr. Conn老師的職缺。等新老師到任後,我們將再與您分享更多關於他的訊息。在我們轉換初中部新數學老師的這段時間,非常感謝您耐心的配合。  






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星期三與星期四,12/20 與12/21



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