Dear AST Friends and Families,

It has been a busy and exciting time here at AST. We wrapped up the wonderful Thanksgiving activities and now we run full speed ahead toward the end of the semester.

A few things going on:

Ÿ   Our students are off to STMUN in Kaohsiung on Saturday.

Ÿ   We are hosting the SAT this weekend.

Ÿ   The 1st and 2nd graders are off campus exploring on Monday.

Ÿ   Basketball games are happening every week between now and the next holiday break.

Ÿ   End of semester celebrations and exams are being prepped for.

Ÿ   Student art work is on display all over campus.

Ÿ   Even the weather is amazing today - clean air and clear skies.

I hope that everyone is able to really enjoy this time as we get some great things accomplished and finish off our semester.

Have a great next week,





Ÿ   這星期六,學生將前往高雄參加STMUN(南台灣模擬聯合國會議)

Ÿ   這星期六在AST校園將進行SAT考試

Ÿ   二年級和一年級同學下星期一,將共同進行整天的校外教學活動

Ÿ   校際籃球比賽,目前每星期都有不同賽事(請參考體育行事曆),整個球季將持續到耶誕假期前

Ÿ   學期結束前有許多場的成果發表會與各科考試,目前大家都已開始準備了

Ÿ   同學們美術課的作品,正陸續展示於校園的各個角落中

Ÿ   今天連天公都作美,校園裡空氣清爽,氣候舒適宜人。