Dear AST Families and Friends,

We are excited to host the AST Club Fair next Monday from 2:30 - 3:35 p.m. in the gym. It will be the first time that we open the Club Fair to the whole school, allowing the elementary students to be part of the excitement and to join the groups as a community! We have had many students who have come forward with ideas and areas of interest, such as fencing, soccer, guitar jam sessions and many more. It is a great enriching activity for all.  

An AST club is a truly student-centered organization. The students are the driving force of the clubs, and the teachers and coaches act as a support in guiding them to reach their goals. These clubs allow students to develop their talents, as well as help to shape their leadership and interpersonal skills that will last for a lifetime. We even have alumni who have come back to continue to work on a project from last year, or are sharing their college life stories with the juniors and seniors.  

MS/HS clubs will officially start on August 20. If you have any questions about MS/HS clubs please contact Mr. Ethan Dombkowski and Patrick Herding. Please contact Ms. Amber Chin regarding ES Clubs.  

Back to School Night: Friday, August 24Th

Another exciting event that is happening next week is Back to School Night! We are taking a different approach this year where the focus is “Getting to Know Your Teachers”! Parents will have an opportunity to meet and greet their child’s teachers in a more personal way to develop direct communication from the beginning of the school year. They will also receive important information about the academic programs. We strongly believe parents and teachers are partners in a child’s education and invite you in to get to know each other!

The elementary program will start at 2 p.m. in the gym. Following the director’s address and the specialists introductions, the classroom presentations will take place in the elementary classrooms. The program will end in the gym with parents and specialist teachers getting to know each other. .  

The middle/high school program will start at 3:45 p.m. with the Director’s address in the gym. Afterwards, parents will then be able to visit teachers’ tables in the gym or in the cafeteria from 4:15 p.m. to 6 p.m.

We hope parents and teachers will feel more comfortable reaching out to each other as needed, developing a closer working relationship for the benefit of our children.

For more information, please see our schedule below.

Have a great weekend,

Anthony and Annie


很高興我們將於8月20日星期一下午2:30到3:35在學校體育館為全校同學舉行一場AST Club Fair (學校社團介紹會)。 這學年的社團介紹會我們將首度開放給小學部同學也能參加,希望讓AST的小學生們也能像初、高中學長學姊一樣體驗到選擇參加社團活動的興奮感! 目前已有很多同學提出了各種關於社團的想法和同學們所感興趣的領域,比如成立西洋劍社、足球社、吉他社等等。這將會是一場讓所有同學們都能有豐富收穫的活動。

AST學生社團是真正以學生為中心的組織,同學們是自己社團運作的推動力,老師和教練則是從旁支持、指導他們實現自己所立下的目標。 藉由社團活動,同學們可發展、培養自己的才能,進而塑造出對個人一生都有幫助的領導能力以及人際交往能力。 我們也有已畢業校友又回到校園來繼續參與上學年開始設立的社團活動,還有校友回校跟目前11、12年級同學們分享他們的大學生活故事。

這學期各初/高中部學生社團活動將由8月20日正式展開。 如果您對於初/高中部的學生社團有任何疑問,請與Mr. Ethan Dombkowski或Mr. Patrick Herding老師聯絡;關於小學生的社團活動則請與Ms. Amber Chin聯絡。

Back to School Night/親師見面會- 824日星期五

下星期另一項令人期待的活動就是Back to School Night (親師見面會)! 今年我們採取了不同的親師見面方式,並將活動重點設定為 “了解你的老師”! 家長將有機會以更個人化的方式與孩子的老師見面並互相問候,在學年剛開始即與老師直接溝通。  老師們也會將本學年教學大綱等重要教學訊息藉由當天的機會傳達給前來的家長。  我們一向堅信父母和老師是孩子教育的最佳合作夥伴,因此,敬邀家長們把握這次機會,前來校園直接了解教導您孩子的老師們!


初/高中部的親師見面會則將於3:45在LAC 2樓展開,在校長致詞後,家長在4:15到6:00間,可自行到1樓的餐廳或2樓體育館內與想見面的老師會談。




校長 金安東