Dear AST Families and Friends,


Friendships are forming, lessons have begun, and we are underway. The start of the school has been both typical and positive. It is a fantastic experience working with our young people. Middle school and high school schedule adjustments are well underway. We have made a few changes to try and get everyone into just the right classes for them and we would like to share the updated schedule here.


Now is also a fantastic opportunity to reach out to teachers. They are getting to know their students, but they appreciate and value parent insights. Parents, if you notice anything about your child’s experiences that you would like to share, we ask that you please let us know - be it positive or negative. The most effective education is grounded in a partnership between parents and teachers.


We are constantly working to improve. Our New Student and Family Orientation experience was the best yet and we hope to improve on the Back to School Night activity as well. This year’s event will be on Friday, August 24, 2018. The elementary school parent session will start at 2:00 pm, and the middle and high school parent session will start after school at 3:45 pm. We will send out more information next week. For now, please save the date and we look forward to seeing you. No reservations or appointments are needed for this event.


And, finally, a safety reminder related to student drop-off in the morning when parents are bringing their children to school. Please drop off your children outside of the LAC and have them go up the stairs and directly into the gym. We have set up this area to keep students out of the way of moving cars and to keep them as safe as possible during our busy mornings. Please help us by using the second school gate and dropping off your students outside of the Lincoln Activity Center.


Have a great weekend,


Back to School Night

Save the Date: Friday, August 24, 2018

ES: 2:00 to 4:00 pm

MS/HS: 3:45 to 6:00 pm


New Student Information System: Alma (Update)

Initial activation emails went out on August 3rd. Some of those links expired before they were used. We have requested that new activation emails be sent out for those students and parents who did not get activated in the first group.


If you are having trouble connecting to Alma, please contact Ms.Claire at extension 29, or by email at, and she can request a new activation email for you specifically.


Faculty Communication Expectations (second posting)

I would like to share the expectations that I have established with the teachers so that parents and teachers can all have a common understanding. If these expectations are not being met, please do not hesitate to let me know.


Grading Assignments: Assignments that are graded and put in the grade book should be entered within one week of the due date.


Email Response Time: Parents should receive a response to an email within two business days. This email may indicate a need for more time to research an issue but should include a timeline for a follow-up email.


Elementary LINE Messages: Parent should receive a response within 24 hours unless it is an emergency situation and then contact will be made sooner.



這學年我們有個既典型又正向的開始,同學間友誼正逐漸加溫,所有課程已全面展開。 能夠在AST與年輕學子們一起工作真是個美妙的經驗。 初中和高中生課表的安排還正在進行當中。 為了嘗試調整到讓每位同學都有適合個人的課程,我們對於總課表的安排做了些微調,請點閱這裡查看最新分享的課程表。


目前也正是家長們開始接觸孩子老師的最佳時機。 老師們雖然對於自己的學生已有初步了解,但他們更欣賞並重視家長所給予的意見。 如果父母親注意到孩子在學校有特別的經歷,不論讓您感受到好或不好,都請您能讓學校或老師知道。 我們相信,最有效的教育必須基於父母和老師之間良好的合作夥伴關係。


AST一直在努力讓各方面都有所進步。 今年的新生訓練就是歷年來辦得最成功的一次經驗,而接下來的Back to School Night(親師見面會) 我們也希望能將流程改善,讓大家有新的體驗。 預計今年親師見面會活動將於2018年8月24日星期五舉行;小學家長與老師的會議將於當天下午2:00開始;初中和高中家長與老師的見面會則將於下午3:45放學後開始。 下星期五(8/17)的週訊中,我們將提供更多相關親師見面會的信息。 目前,請家長們先預留參加活動的時間,我們期待當天能在活動中與您相見。 請注意,參加此活動不需要先與學校預約老師的時間。


最後,基於校園安全考量,我們請家長在早晨送孩子到校時,能停到LAC (林肯活動中心) 外側後才讓孩子下車,孩子可於下車後直接上樓到LAC二樓的體育館。 學校特別規劃這個區域,是為了讓孩子們在上學時段,繁忙的接送學生車流中保持安全。 請協助我們維護孩子的安全,在接送孩子到校時,務必使用第二校門進出,並在林肯活動中心外讓孩子上下車。




校長 金安東


Back to School Night / 親師見面會





新學生資訊系統:Alma (最新訊息)



如果您對於登入Alma帳戶有疑問,請與學校Ms. Claire聯絡,他的分機是29或發電郵到 ,她可以為您重新寄發個人啟用帳戶登錄電郵 。


與教師溝通的期許 (再次登載)




回覆電子郵件時間:老師們應在收到家長電子郵件後,兩個工作日內讓家長收到回覆。 如需要更多時間來研究家長提出的問題,老師可先在第一封回覆電郵內表明,但也同時應讓家長知道後續將回覆的預定時間表。

小學部親師間的 LINE訊息:小學部家長應會在24小時內收到老師回覆的 Line訊息;若是緊急事件,老師會更快的聯繫家長。