Dear AST Family and Friends,

This was the most normal week so far. We had classes each day, clubs starting up, sports practices beginning, and a feeling that routines are in place. We have an important update regarding picking up elementary students from the bus that may impact bus arrival times.

Have a great weekend,

Anthony Keen


New Bus Drop Off Procedure in effect on Monday, 4 September

There was a misalignment between picking up an elementary school student at school and picking them up at a bus stop. At school, parents are required to come in and sign out their children. This expectation will be extended to bus stops. Each elementary student must be signed out with the bus monitor. We will allow an older AST student (such as an older sibling) or adult to sign out a child.

If you wish to opt out of this signing process, you should contact GAO.

This may result in buses running a little behind schedule. We will monitor those times and update you if we need to adjust them. Thank you for your patience as we take actions to better care for our littlest family members.


Yearbook, ID and Portal Photos

Each year our Publications class takes on the monumental task of photographing each and every student. They have begun that process and pictures will continue to be taken through September 13th. Students should talk to their Block C teacher if they have questions.


Stop and smell the roses

Our neighbors have expressed some concerns about the speed of cars on the mountainside near AST. So, if you are driving to or from school it might be a great opportunity to slow down just a little and enjoy the gorgeous scenery.


Website Updates

We are busy updating various pieces of information on the website to make sure that you have the right information at your fingertips. Updated this week: the athletic seasons and tournaments for the school year, the bus routes (one minor change), and the AST directory should now include all the new teachers' names, photos, and email addresses.











每學年學校Publications(刊物)課的同學都負責為全校師生拍照,並編輯登載到學校刊物上,今年也不例外。自9月13日開始,刊物課的同學會利用Block C的時間為同學們拍照,若同學們有關於今年拍照時間等的疑問,可以詢問自己Block C的老師。

Stop and smell the roses (放輕鬆,慢慢來)



學校網頁正在進行部分資訊的更新,以確保您在網頁上看到的都是最正確的訊息。截至本周為止,我們更新了:本學年各球季與球賽時間;校車路線(僅些微調整);AST directory(教職員名錄),目前已加入新老師的姓名、照片與電郵位置。