Dear AST Family and Friends,

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year. Our teachers are busy ramping up for greeting your children next week and we are excited about what lies ahead. 

Best regards,

Anthony Keen

What to Bring on Day 1

For the first day of school, please look at the school supply lists on the website (Elementary Supply List and Middle School Supply List). Also, all students should bring their AST ID cards to school to checkout their school books. For new students, we have ordered your AST ID card and we will let you know when it arrives.

1st Day

The first day of school will be a modified Day 1 schedule. We will begin the day with an all school assembly in the gymnasium. We will then break into homeroom and advisory groups and in these groups move through a number of logistical stations (library, GAO, etc.) and attend our first class. In the afternoon, we will attend our second, third, and fourth block classes. The second day of school will follow a normal Day 2 schedule.

Student Schedules

The student schedules will be published to the AST Portals this week. High school students with incomplete schedules or who wish to change courses should see Mr. Keen. If you are having trouble accessing the portal, please contact Ms. Ching.

Chromebooks / Bring Your Own Device

We are still preparing for our Chromebook roll-out for middle school. A delay in manufacturing has pushed back our roll-out to be as late as September, but we feel that the product selection was worth that delay. We are prepared for high school students to bring their own devices. High school students are expected to have a laptop device (Chromebooks, Windows laptops, Macintosh laptops, and Linux laptops are okay) to be used in classes across the campus.

New Teacher Introductions

Over the coming weeks I will be introducing our new teachers to you. This week, for teacher introductions, I would like to focus on our elementary school. 

Joining us in 5th grade is Mary Ann Capule.

My name is Mary Ann Capule; I am the grade 5 teacher. My 9th grade son and I are delighted to be a part of the AST family!  I earned my teaching Certificate and license from the College of New Jersey. I also have an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley. Most of my family live in California and Oregon. This is my 7th year of teaching, and I've enjoyed every minute of it! I have taught in Beijing, Manila, and, most recently, in the country of Armenia. 

Joining us in 4th grade is Tisa Spinelli.  

您好!我是 Tisa Spinelli. I have my Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education, a K-5 Math Endorsement, and an ESOL Endorsement from Georgia State University. This is my 7th year teaching and 2nd year teaching internationally. Last year I taught in the Guangxi province of China.  In my free time, I love to study Mandarin and hula hoop! 

Joining us in ESOL is Lauren Leach. 

Hi! My name is Lauren Leach, and I am the new Elementary School ESOL teacher. I earned my Bachelor's degree at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in English and Literature. I am an American certified teacher of ESOL for students from K-12, and have been teaching English and literacy to elementary students for over 5 years. I taught English in Busan, South Korea for 2 years, where I acquired a deep love of kimchi! I am originally from the city of Huntsville, Alabama, but I like to call Taichung my second home. I am looking forward to meeting and working with you! 

Joining us in 1st grade is Elaine Yiu. 

My name is Elaine Yiu and I am from Toronto, Canada. I graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts, and then from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Education. Before I moved to Taiwan, I lived in Korea for one year, and now I have been living and teaching in Taichung for the past five years and am expecting my first child this summer. I am very excited to be joining the AST family this year! 

Joining us as our new Guidance Counselor is Diane Wilson.

Hi! My name is Diane Wilson. I am certified through the state of Colorado. I hold degrees from the University of Colorado, Bachelor's in Fine Arts & Master's in School Counseling and Human Services (Buffalos ALL THE WAY!!!).  I have lived in 5 countries and 7 states! For the last 31 years, Colorado has been home.  Before that (NOT saying how many years!) it was Kentucky!

Finally, Annie Tung is still very much on campus and she is joining me in the administration as the new Assistant Director.

Did you know?

Your AST ID card is also your library card. Bring it on the first day of school for checking out your school books.







開學日當天同學們需要攜帶到學校的物品清單,請先上學校網頁查看 (小學部可點選這裡,初中部可點選這裡)。另請同學們要記得攜帶AST學生證到學校來;新轉入同學目前尚無學生證,待製作完成後將會另外通知同學們領取。



開學第一天我們將依循Day 1的課表上課。當天早上到學校後,全體師生需先在體育館集合。全校集會結束後,小學、高中各班以及初中部各小組將分別由老師帶開,依序到圖書館、總務處等行政單位領取教科書等物品,然後開始依Day 1課表進行第一堂課。午餐過後,接著進行Day 1課表的第二、三、四堂課。隔天 (8/9) 則恢復正常上課時間並依Day 2課表上課。



所有同學個人的課表都已經可以在學校Portals網頁上的個人帳戶中看到。高中部同學的課表若還沒完成或想更改者,可以直接找Mr. Keen談。如果您無法進入學校Portal個人帳戶,請與Ms. Ching聯絡。


Chromebooks / 個人電子學習工具

這學年起,初中部同學每人一部Chromebooks的準備工作仍持續進行中,根據廠商回報,我們所訂購的機型將須等到九月才會到貨,為了符合教學設定的規格要求,耐心等待將會是值得的。至於高中部同學帶個人電子學習工具到學校的規畫,目前則已準備妥當。高中部同學開學後,請自備個人筆電 (包括Chromebooks, Windows laptops, Macintosh laptops, and Linux laptops各種系統) 到學校,在課堂上或校園各角落都將可以使用。





Mary Ann Capule是我們五年級導師:

我是五年級班導師Mary Ann Capule。我和即將轉入九年級的兒子兩人非常高興能加入AST大家庭! 我的教師執照是在College of New Jersey取得,MBA學位則是在University of California,Berkeley獲得的。我的家人大多居住在美國的California與Oregon。我在北京、馬尼拉以及亞美尼亞的國際學校都有教過書,雖然這學年即將進入我第7年的教職生涯,但我仍每分每秒都樂在校學之中!


Tisa Spinelli是我們四年級導師:

“您好! 我是 Tisa Spinelli”。我在Georgia State University獲得Early Childhood Education(兒童教育) 碩士學位,以及教導K到5年級還有ESOL的證書。這是我第7年擔任教職,同時也是第2年在國際學校教書。去年我是在中國廣西省內任教。平常若有時間,我喜歡學習中文與玩呼拉圈!


Lauren Leach是我們ESOL老師:

嗨! 我是Laure Leach, 我是小學部新任ESOL老師。我在University of Alabama at Birmingham得到English and Literature(英語及文學) 學士學位。我是美國合格ESOL教師,可以教導K到12年級的學生,已有5年教小學英語文學的經驗。我在南韓釜山教過兩年書,並從此深深愛上泡菜! 雖然我來自美國Alabama的Huntsville,但台中也可以說是我第二個家了。 我很期待與大家相見!


Elaine Yiu是我們一年級導師:

我是來是加拿大多倫多的Elaine Yiu老師,我在University of Toronto取得藝術學士學位,之後又在University of Ottawa取得教育學士學位。在來台灣之前,我在韓國待過一年。我已在台中市住了5年,也從事教職5年了。這個夏天,我將迎接我的第一個孩子到來,同時也非常興奮能加入AST這個大家庭!


Diane Wilson是我們的輔導老師:

嗨! 我是Diane Wilson,我的輔導老師執照來自美國Colorado州。我在University of Colorado取得Fine Arts (美術)學士學位,及School Counseling and Human Services (校園輔導與公共服務)碩士學位 (Buffalos ALL THE WAY!!! - 我以母校為榮!!!)。我待過5個國家與美國7個州! 來到這裡之前的31個年頭,Colorado州算是我的家鄉,在那之前,我則住在Kentucky州 (究竟有幾年? 恕不奉告! )!


最後,關於我們所熟悉的Annie Tung老師,她則是與Mr. Keen一樣,將負責領導校務行政工作,擔任新的副校長一職。