Dear AST Family and Friends,

Today, we held our second annual club fair. I want to take a moment and remember that the big drive behind this event starting was the Parent Association (PA). They pushed us to try and find a way to diversify our middle school and high school club options and where we have now ended up follows a process that encourages student leadership, student interest, and student exploration. We are pleased with the results and are excited to see what happens with this year's clubs.

Best regards,

Anthony Keen Director

After School Activities Start Next Week

Elementary school clubs, athletics, and middle and high school clubs all start on Monday. As such, we will provide late bus service beginning on Monday. These activities all run Monday through Thursday each week. There will likely be occasional Friday opportunities for special events moving forward. The late bus routes are on the GAO page of our website.

Last Day for Bus and Lunch Cancellations

Tuesday, August 22nd, is the last day to cancel your busing or lunch for the semester and get a full refund. Please contact GAO with questions.

New Teacher Introductions

Joining us in MS and HS Art is Dr. Teresa Tipton.

I have been drawing since I was four-years old and one of the things people say about me is that I am passionate about art! I come from Seattle, WA where I worked as an artist-in-residence in Washington State schools and started after-school programs in inner city neighborhoods. In addition to being a curriculum specialist and helping non-profit organizations get grants for cultural education projects internationally, I have been teaching art overseas in Tanzania, Beijing, Prague and Kenya for the past twenty years. My grandmother taught me the value of service to others and since I was a teenager, I have been a volunteer in all kinds of projects and programs, and participated in community service projects internationally in Brazil, Portugal, Japan, Italy, and France. I believe that if you can write you name, you can draw! I'm hoping to share my joy for learning in and through the arts with you, too.

Schedule Changes

At this point, all schedule changes need to be cleared through Mr. Keen.







小學部課後輔導才藝班,初、高中部社團與體育練習都自下星期一(8/21)開始。因此,下星期一將開始,星期一到星期四都將有晚班放學校車行駛。 星期五通常沒有晚班放學校車,除非偶爾有特別課後活動。 關於晚班放學校車路線請查看學校網頁GAO頁面。






Dr. Teresa Tipton是我們初、高中美術老師:

我從4歲起就開始畫畫,人們提起我時,常說我是:對藝術充滿熱情的人! 我來自美國華盛頓州的西雅圖。在西雅圖時我曾擔任州立學校的artist-in-residence並在市內開辦許多課後藝術課程。除了擔任課程專家並幫助非營利組織獲得國際文化教育項目資助外,過去二十年我也在Tanzania, Beijing, Prague 和Kenya各地教導美術。在我青少年時期,祖母就教導我服務人群的重要,因此我也一直是各種專案與課程的志工,我參與了Brazil, Portugal, Japan, Italy, 和France許多國際服務專案。我相信只要你能寫出自己的姓名,你就必能畫畫! 我希望也能與您分享我透過學習藝術所獲得的喜悅!


從現在起,所有課表的更動都須由Mr. Keen處理。