Dear AST Family and Friends,

Looking forward to next week, it is both Thanksgiving week and THIMUN Singapore week. We celebrate Thanksgiving together as an AST family on Wednesday and then have no school on Thursday and Friday in honor of the holiday. THIMUN Singapore students leave on Monday for their week of Model United Nations in Singapore and they return the following weekend.

Have a great week,

Anthony Keen


Thanksgiving Activities

Next Wednesday we will have our annual Thanksgiving activities. Festivities start at 11:15 in the gymnasium with an all school assembly including themed performances. This will be followed by an all school lunch generously provided by the Parent Association. The afternoon is time together doing various activities with a very loose schedule. All parents are encouraged to attend and join in this AST family time.

Parents may take students home with them if they depart before 3:35 pm. ES parents will need to sign out with Ms. Amber Jin in the cafeteria before taking students home. After lunch parents can sign out in the 1st grade classroom until 2:30pm. After 2:30pm, parents need to sign out in the ES library. 

We can greatly reduce our waste if everyone brings a reusable plate/bowl and utensils. Let's help the environment. 

We look forward to spending this time together.


MAPs Data

We are currently preparing the reports to send home about MAP results. We hope to get it to you soon, but I am confident that we will have it out by the week after Thanksgiving. We intend to send it home with the students, but we will let you know when it is coming so that you know to look for it.


Tea Time with the Directors

We wanted to remind you about joining us for Tea Time with the Directors. This is an opportunity for parents to come in and share their ideas, ask questions, and engage with the directors. We value and are seeking your input.

Some of this discussion has been taking place in the Parent Association (PA) meeting and moving this to its own time will allow the PA meeting to focus more on their projects during that time.

We hoping to see many of you at this meetings.

Elementary School Parents - Thursday, November 30, 2:30 PM in the MPR

Middle School Parents - Thursday, December 7, 2:30 PM in the MPR

High School Parents - Thursday, December 14, 2:30 PM in the MPR


下星期就是令人期待的年度感恩節周與高中部新加坡THIMUN活動之旅。 AST大家庭將於星期三舉行感恩節慶祝活動,學校緊接著將於星期四與星期五放假兩天來慶祝感恩佳節。 參加新加坡THIMUN(模擬聯合國會議)的同學與老師們,則將於星期一出發前往新加坡,並於星期六回台。






星期三學校慶祝感恩節活動,上午依課表完成4堂課後,全體師生將於11:15在學校體育館集合。 在同學們的表演活動結束後,由AST家長會慷慨主辦的感恩節午餐會將緊接著登場。 午餐過後,下午不用再上課,同學、老師與家長們可以輕鬆地參加校園內的各個活動。 歡迎家長們當天來到校園裡與我們一起度過愉快的午後時光。

當天除了正常放學校車外,家長們可於午餐後直接將孩子接回,不必等到3:35放學。 小學部學生家長要接回孩子前,請先找Ms. Amber Jin簽名確認,午餐時間她會在學校餐廳;午餐後到2:30之間,她會在一年級教室;2:30以後,則請家長到小學部圖書館找她。




MAPs 資料

最近我們都在整理同學們MAP測驗結果資料,希望能盡快於感恩節假期後,將結果發給同學們帶回家。 MAP成績發給同學時,我們同時也會再通知家長們。


Tea Time with the Directors

讓我們再次誠摯地邀請您到學校來參加本學期 "Tea Time with the Directors" (與校長茶敘) 活動。 這是個可以讓家長們到學校來與校長一同聊聊學校事務,分享您對學校教務、學務各方面想法與意見的機會。 我們非常重視並期待您能分享寶貴的意見給學校。

有些議題,您也許曾在家長月例會提到過,但礙於會議時間限制,校長無法與家長們充分討論,這些議題也可以在Tea Time with the Directors的聚會中再提出。希望因有校長與家長們茶敘的機會,可以幫助家長會在月例會時,有時間討論更多議題。


小學部家長 – 11月30日下午2:30在學校行政大樓二樓MPR

初中部家長 – 12月7日下午2:30在學校行政大樓二樓MPR

高中部家長 – 12月14日下午2:30在學校行政大樓二樓MPR