Dear AST Family and Friends,

Thank you to the parents for participating in our Back to School Night last night. It is great to work on that partnership between teachers and parents. We value that connection and look forward to working together.

If you missed the director's address or would like to see the slides for reference, they are available here.

Portal Email Problems

We have uncovered problems with emails being sent from the Portal to some student accounts. We are working with the Portal vendor on the problem and hope to have it solved today. We will continue to monitor the situation through next week. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we resolve this technical glitch.

TI-84 Calculators

Graphing calculators are required for most high school math courses. We have made strong recommendations for TI-84 series calculators as they are valid to use on AP examinations and the SAT. In trying to support the acquisition of these calculators we have ordered a large number of TI 84 Plus CE calculators and are reselling them to students. They are now available in the GAO at the price of 6000 NTD. We strongly encourage all high school students to have a graphic calculator.

Best regards,

Anthony Keen Director

New Teacher Introductions

Joining us in MS Mathematics is Bill Conn.

Ni hao!

My name is Bill Conn and I am the Middle School (MS) Mathematics teacher.  I was born and raised in Japan, but did my university studies in the U.S. :  undergraduate at Johns Hopkins, and graduate work at the University of California, Berkeley.  I have taught HS and MS math at schools in Japan, Singapore and the U.S.  I’m very pleased to be at AST and am extremely impressed by those who are completely fluent in Chinese and English.  My personal goal for the year is to move at least one step beyond “ni hao”!


感謝您昨晚撥冗前來參加我們的親師見面會(Back to School Night)。我們很注重家長與老師之間聯手促進孩子的學習,並期望持續與家長保持這樣的連結,親師之間可以密切合作。





大部分的高中同學在上數學課時都需要用到繪圖計算機。因為TI-84系列的繪圖計算機可在AP考試與SAT考試時使用,所以學校強烈推薦高中同學擁有這系列計算機。也為了方便同學們購買,學校今年有代訂一批TI 84 Plus CE 計算機,若同學們有需要可以到學校總務室購買,每台售價新台幣6千元。再次強調,您不一定要在學校購買,但我們希望高中同學都要有自己的繪圖計算機。





Bill Conn是我們初中數學老師:


我是Bill Conn,也是AST初中部數學老師。我生長於日本,但在美國完成學業:大學畢業於Johns Hopkins;碩士學位是在University of California, Berkeley取得。 我曾在日本、新加坡、美國等地教過高中與初中數學。 很高興也能來到AST;對於此地許多人能夠非常流利的使用中、英文,我也感到印象深刻。至於我個人的目標,則是希望在一年內至少超越 "你好” 這一步!