Dear AST Families and Friends,

December is a wonderful time to celebrate the learning happening inside and outside the classroom. The pictures below show many of the tremendous things that have been happening at our school including the robotics competitions, the dog shelter visit and the growing pile of donations for the food bank. The spirit of care and giving is alive and well at AST. In this vein of sharing, we’d like to invite you to a variety of performances for the end of the semester and calendar year, with the first being the Winter Concert this coming Monday, December 10th. This performance will include our bells choirs, our Chamber Music Club, and our Rock Band Club. There will be something for everyone.

I look forward to sharing all of these celebrations with our AST family.

Have a great weekend,


College application presentation guest speaker, Ms. Mary Tong

Hour of Code


12月份是慶祝我們整學期在課堂內外所有習得的好時機。上面一些照片就顯示了最近我們學校進行的許多重大活動,包括參加機器人競賽,狗狗山中途之家服務專案以及不斷增加中給食物銀行捐贈的食物。 我們看到在AST充滿關懷和奉獻精神的活力。在這股溫馨分享的氛圍裡,我們誠摯邀請您前來參觀本學期暨歲末校內學生表演節目,首先登場的是12月10日星期一的冬季音樂會。本次音樂會將由AST手鐘團,室內音樂社團和搖滾樂社團同學聯合演出。歡迎加入我們,相信您一定會不虛此行。


祝 大家都有個很棒的周末,

校長 金安東

大學申請專題演講主講人, 湯瑪麗小姐