Dear AST Families and Friends,

Thank you to everyone that is supporting our clubs and activities. Parent volunteers have really helped to make experiences more powerful and also easier to implement. Two events happening this weekend are the VEX robotics competition and the Gougoushan Dog Shelter service project. Both of these are tremendous opportunities for our kids, and for each of these activities, our parents have been instrumental in helping make them happen.

On Monday next week, we will have a guest speaker, Ms. Mary Tong, who is an interviewer for MIT, and she will be talking to our high school students. The speaker will first meet with our seniors at 1:10 pm and then with the rest of the high school at 2:30 pm. Parents are welcome to join us. Additionally, 8th-grade students will have the option of attending the high school presentation. The rest of our student body will be participating in “Hour of Code.”

Hour of Code is a movement that started in the U.S. to improve student awareness and increase interest in computer science. It has become an international phenomenon. Community partners like Disney, Microsoft, Pixar, LucasArts, and many more have come together to create activities to introduce computer science concepts to students. This event has ignited passion in students in the past; who will it inspire this year?

Have a great weekend,




下星期一,我們邀請到前MIT(麻省理工學院)的入學面試官 Mary Tong女士來到AST與我們高中部同學座談。她將於下午1:10先與12年級的同學們見面,然後再於2:30向其他高中生演講。歡迎家長們前來聆聽她的演講,同時我們還開放讓8年級同學可以選擇是否參加這場演講。其他沒去聆聽演講的同學,則將參加”Hour of Code” (1小時學寫程式) 活動。

Hour of Code (1小時學寫程式)活動創始於美國,其目的在提高學生對於電腦科學編寫程式的認知和興趣。 參與這項活動已成為一種國際現象。迪士尼,微軟,皮克斯,LucasArts等組織也都是合作贊助的夥伴,大家一起共同創建這項向學生介紹計算機科學概念的活動。 這個活動曾激發許多學生的熱情; 今年又將激發誰的靈感呢?

祝 大家都有個很棒的周末,

校長 金安東