Dear AST Families and Friends,

Thank you for joining us for our Halloween Activities and celebration. It is wonderful to see the kids experiencing and enjoying this American tradition in a positive, community-building way.

We would like to announce that we have made an adjustment to the calendar for next semester. February 28th (2/28) will now be the date for the International Carnival. We saw this as a tremendous opportunity to allow more people to join us for this day and maintain as much normalcy in the regular school schedule as possible. This means that the Saturday previously scheduled, 2019/02/23, is no longer a school day and the Monday (day off in lieu), 2019/02/18, is now a school day. We hope that letting you know now is sufficient notice for you to be able to adjust your calendar.

Have a great weekend,




請大家注意,我們下學期行事曆上的AST國際嘉年華會將調整到 2月28日 (228紀念日)舉行。 因為這天是國定假日,應該可以讓更多人加入我們的嘉年華,是個展現AST的絕佳機會,而且這樣的安排還盡可能的保持了正常學校日程安排的狀態。因為我們原訂AST嘉年華在2019/02/23星期六舉行的,現已取消,改成在228紀念日舉行,所以,星期六不用到學校來,而原訂2019/2/18星期一的補休日也已取消,當天改成為正常上課日。希望我們現在就宣布這項日期上的變更給您知曉,可以方便您規劃調整自己的行事曆。


校長 金安東