Dear AST Families and Friends,

Thank you to everyone that contributed to the fantastic experiences this week. On Monday, the Charity Fun Run was both a great time and a great fundraising success. We raised over 120,000 NTD for the orphanage. On Thursday, the PA met to plan for future events. On Friday, parents came to campus to connect with teachers and celebrate the growth of our kids so far.

On Thursday, report cards were digitally sent home and loaded to the Alma pages. Parents and students should be able to view their report card via Alma. If you would like a printed copy sent home with your child or mailed home, please contact Ms. Claire.

This weekend, our kids and competing in soccer tournaments, volleyball tournaments, and robotics competitions. We wish all of our competitors the best of luck in those events.

Next week, the busy times at school continue with Camp Taiwan starting the week (Monday through Wednesday) and the High School Field Day Trip to Kentang Aquarium ending the week (Thursday night through Friday). The following week is Spirit Week culminating in our Halloween activities.

Additionally, next week, Ms. Tung, Ms. Herding and I will be away at the EARCOS Leadership Conference. This annual conference helps us to carve away time to connect with each other, connect with other international school leaders, connect with vendors about new services and tools, and learn a lot from all of the above.

Have a great weekend,



感謝大家為本週活動的付出與貢獻!  週一的慈善路跑活動,大家一起都度過了段美好的時光,這是一次很成功的募款活動。我們共為孤兒院募款達台幣12萬多,非常感謝大家共襄盛舉、熱情參與。週四,在PA家長會中,與會家長商討了許多即將舉辦活動的計劃。週五,家長們再到學校來參加初、高中部學生主導會議與小學部親師懇談會,了解孩子本學期至今的學習狀況,並對孩子們在學習上的成長給予讚許。

週四,我們已用電子郵件方式將2018-2019學年第一季成績報告單寄給您,並將成績單上傳到學生自己的Alma帳號中。家長和學生應能透過Alma系統查看學生的成績。如果您希望學校列印紙本成績單給您,請與註冊組Ms. Claire聯絡。


  • 女子排球隊前往高雄比賽
  • 7年級足球隊前往高雄比賽
  • VEX機器人比賽隊伍前往桃園參賽

下週,學校仍有許多活動進行,從Camp Taiwan開始(週一至週三)和高中部學生將至墾丁海生館做戶外教學(週四晚上到週五)。再接下去一週則是我們的Spirit Week (特殊裝扮) 及萬聖節活動週。

此外,下週,Ms. Tung副校長、 Ms. Herding老師和我將出國參加EARCOS領導會議。這個年度國際學校會議,幫助我們精簡與其他學校間的聯繫時間、同時讓參加的國際學校領導階層互相交流、又可在會場中獲得許多教具供應商所提供的最新服務和商品資訊,我們將可藉由參加次會議中學到很多。


校長 金安東