Dear AST Families and Friends,

This time of year is very special at AST. With Spirit Week culminating in our Halloween events on November 1, our community comes together to celebrate both this American holiday, but also our unique take on that holiday. Halloween at AST is steeped in school spirit, creating for others, and celebrating that creativity. 

I would like to thank everyone for their work on making this all happen. The Parent Association has taken on a larger role this year in creating special experiences for our elementary students. Our seniors are working diligently on their Haunted House. Our advisory groups are building activities and displays to share. Our librarian has created special classes sharing the story of Halloween with our elementary students.

On November 1st, parents and toddler siblings are welcome (and encouraged) to join us for the festivities. The schedule for November 1st and the dress-up schedule for the entire spirit week are included below.

Finally, to our disappointment (because we love this week at AST so much!), Ms. Tung and Mr. Keen will be away for much of the week at the EARCOS Leadership Conference. Year-after-year, we have taken away great information to help AST become a better school. We have high expectations and hopes for this professional learning event.

Have a great week,


Spirit Week:



Not only are these events amazing opportunities for the participants, but they are a great chance for community service hours. Please see Mr. Herding to volunteer. 

Additionally, we have a VEX scrimmage set for Sunday, November 3. Let us know if you can get involved and help out with any of these events!

Call for Participants


AST在每年這時候都顯得非常特別。隨著我們Spirit Week 到11月1日的萬聖節活動達到最高潮,AST大家庭每一份子不僅只是慶祝這個美國假期,我們還以獨特的方式來經歷這個假期。 我們的萬聖節充滿了學校精神:為他人而創作並同時歡慶這些創作。


11月1日當天,歡迎並鼓勵我們家長帶還未入學的弟弟妹妹一起來參加我們的慶祝活動。下面會附上11月1日的課表及活動時間表,和整個Spirit Week的裝扮主題。

最後,很遺憾的(因為我們非常喜歡本週的AST!)跟大家報告,副校長Ms. Tung和我因需出席EARCOS的領導力會議,本週大部分的時間我們將不在學校。每年參加這領導力會議,都讓我們獲得很多信息來幫助AST成為一所更好的學校。對於今年的這個專業學習活動,我們一樣抱有很高的期望,希望再帶回更多有用的資訊。


校長  金安東  

Spirit Week


參與左列TAI-VEX機器人競賽不僅獲得絕佳的學習機會,還可獲得社區服務時數。有興趣擔任志願服務者請與Mr. Herding 聯絡。

另外,11月3日星期天,我們將有一場 VEX scrimmage (VEX 練習賽)有興趣參加比賽或於活動中幫忙者也歡迎讓我們知道!

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