Dear AST Families and Friends,

Thank you to all the families that joined us at the baseball stadium last Friday. Parents, kids, and teachers gathered for a Taichung Brothers baseball game. Altogether, we had almost 400 people representing AST. A great time was clearly had and well documented in pictures. We would like to invite everyone to share those pictures by uploading them into this folder in Google Drive. This folder is open to everyone for one week to add pictures, then it will be switched over to View Only.

As I prepared this week’s newsletter, I found a certain humor in the fact that last week, we had a section entitled “Last Camp Taiwan Reminder”. Under the threat of super typhoon Kong-Rey, we were forced to postpone Camp Taiwan. We have rescheduled Camp Taiwan to October 22 through 24. We remain excited about the team building and leadership built at this camp and look forward to sending our middle school students in a few weeks. It is also likely that there will be another “Last Camp Taiwan Reminder.”

Next week, there is no school on Wednesday in commemoration of 10/10.

Have a great weekend,



感謝上週五參與我們在洲際棒球場fun night活動的家庭與朋友們。那天,AST有近400人出席參與活動,家長、孩子和老師們歡聚一起為中信兄弟棒球隊加油。從照片中最可看出大家皆有一個很開心的夜晚。邀請當晚所有到場的AST嘉賓,能將當天拍攝到有趣的照片上傳Google 雲端硬碟的檔案中讓大家一起分享當晚的歡悅。此檔案夾將開放一週的時間,讓大家上傳圖片,一週後此檔案夾將轉換成僅供觀看照片無法編輯的功能。

在我準備本週週訊時,剛好發現上週我們有一個“Last Camp Taiwan Reminder (行前最後提醒)” 主題。這次在強颱"康芮"的直臨下,我們因安全性考量而不得已取消了本周Camp Taiwan 活動,而重訂Camp Taiwan 活動日期為10月22日至24日舉辦。我們仍對此活動的舉辦與整個團隊的陣容感到很興奮,並期待在幾週後我們的初中部學生將會有段難忘的回憶。就在Camp Taiwan 活動出發前,我們會再有另一個“Last Camp Taiwan Reminder (行前最後提醒)”。



校長 金安東