Dear AST Families and Friends,

This weekend is actually a very busy one. Our students are returning from the London Culture and College Visit; AST Family Fun Night has us all watching the Brothers Baseball game together on Friday; our teachers will spend the weekend at school working with Rami Madani from the International School of Kuala Lumpur on Integrating your Mission and Core Values into the Curriculum; and the swim team is competing in a meet at Morrison on Saturday.

Next week is a bit of an odd week. There is no school on Monday and Tuesday in lieu of the working weekend for teachers. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, our middle school students will be at Camp Taiwan. The campus will be a tad quieter while our middle school students are away.

In the category of bittersweet, Mr. Jonah Lin has departed AST to pursue personal interests in the United States. Mr. Jonah has been with AST for a number of years and was admired by his students. He is replaced by Mr. Godfrey Semwaiko who has been working with us as an Artist in Residence for the past three weeks.

Finally, thank you to all the parents that joined for the Tea Times these two weeks. We are excited to both share information with the parents and hear from them.

Have a great weekend,


Last Camp Taiwan Reminder!

Middle School families!!! Camp Taiwan is happening Wednesday, October 3,
the day we get back from two days off! PLEASE bring your camp supplies
that morning WITH YOUR HEALTH CARD, and please be at school on time!
Here is the link for the packing list:
We are looking forward to a fun trip to Camp Taiwan!


這個週末實際上會非常繁忙。我們的學生將從倫敦回來, 過去一星期他們在當地了解英國文化和參觀大學校園; 本週五晚上AST Family Fun Night,AST大家庭成員們一起在洲際棒球場觀看兄弟隊棒球比賽; 老師們則在這週末兩天,將到學校參加我們與EARCOS合作,由來自吉隆坡國際學校Rami Madani老師主導的國際學校教師研習會; 另外,本校游泳隊也將於週六在Morrison校內參加游泳比賽。

下星期上課日期較平常不同。老師們因為週末參加了研習會,所以在週一和週二補假,學校不上課。週三至週五,初中部學生將至新北市參加Camp Taiwan活動。初中部學生們不在學校,屆時校園將會安靜些。

本校美術老師Mr. Jonah Lin因個人生涯規劃因素已離職,他將至美國發展。Mr. Jonah多年來一直在AST授課,並受到學生們的喜愛。我們誠摯地祝福他一切順利。Mr. Godfrey Semwaiko將成為我們新的美術老師,接續教導原Mr. Jonah的所有班級。Mr. Godfrey是駐點藝術家並已在過去三星期與本校學生共同創作藝術作品。我們熱烈歡迎他加入AST!


校長 金安東

Camp Taiwan 活動的叮嚀!

初中部學生的家庭們! 我們Camp Taiwan活動將於連續放假二天後的10月3日星期三展開!請同學們記得攜帶參加活動所需的用品和個人健保卡,並請準時到校! 本活動所需攜帶的物品,請參考以下連結: