Dear AST Families and Friends,

We wanted to take a moment to tell you about a few of those extra things that have been happening during activity time and advisory time.

  • Artist in Residence Assemblies - We have held two assemblies related to our Artist in Residence program. The first was a kick off event and the second (this week’s) assembly allowed Mr. Godfrey Semwaiko to show off the student work over the past two weeks.
  • Bus Safety Training - The vast majority of AST students have gone through safety training on the school bus. This includes fundamentals like wearing seat belts and remaining seated while the bus is moving as well as evacuation details in the event of an accident like escape hatches and emergency windows.
  • Parent Speakers - We have had three parents so far come in and share their stories about school, career, and life during advisory time with high school students. We value this sharing and the different perspectives of the presenting parents.

We held our first Tea Time on Friday with elementary parents. The Tea Time is an opportunity for parents to give general feedback directly to the Directors. For individual concerns, we do ask that you schedule a specific private time with the Directors by making an appointment with Ms. Ching.

The next Tea Times are scheduled to start at 2:30 pm in the MPR.

  • MS - Thursday, September 27
  • HS - Friday, September 28

We are going to use part of these Tea Times this month to talk about MAPs testing. We will provide more information about what it is, how we use it, and what the data means to parents. We hope that everyone can join us.

Finally, we’d like to wish everyone a happy holiday on Monday. We have no school and hope that everyone enjoys the time with their family.

Have a great weekend,



藉此機會讓我們與您分享幾個學校利用星期一的活動時間(activity time) 和平常導師時間(advisory time)所舉辨的一些活動:

  • 駐點藝術家參加AST週會 - 我們舉辦了兩次請駐點藝術家到全校的集會中簡報。第一次是介紹認識活動,第二次(本週)是請Godfrey Semwaiko先生展示學生過去兩週的作品。

  • 校車安全培訓- 大多數AST學生都親自在校車上參加安全逃生訓練。培訓內容包含在校車行駛時須全程佩戴安全帶和保持坐姿以及在逃生門和緊急窗戶等事故中的疏散細節等基本要素。

  • 家長至校演講 - 到目前為止,我們有三位家長在導師時間內與高中部學生分享他們關個人於學業、事業和生活的故事。學校非常重視這樣的分享,透過這樣的活動,可以呈現出不同家長的不同觀點給我們的同學們。

我們星期五與小學部家長一起舉行了第一次茶敘時間(Tea Time)。茶敘時間是向我們正、副校長反饋各項校務的建議和意見的機會。如果家長有其他個人考量,需要另外與校長溝通,請您可透過Ms. Ching另行安排見面會談的時段。

        • 初中部家長 – 9月27日星期四
        • 高中部家長 – 9月28日星期五


下週一為國定假日,學校不上課。希望每個人都和家人一起享受佳節時光。祝大家中秋節快 樂!


校長 金安東