Dear AST Families and Friends,

Our athletic competitions have kicked off with an impressive girls’ volleyball performance in a friendly match against Morrison winning four out of four sets. Thank you to those parents that were able to attend. We very much appreciate your support at these competitions.

This week has also been filled with college visits. We have hosted Singapore Management University, St Anselm, Plymouth State, UCLA, and University of Manchester. This set of schools is a perfect representation of the universities that our students apply to. They have varying focuses; they are spread around the planet; and they are innovators in their own specialty areas.

Looking forward to next week, we have more college visits (this is the heavy season for such visits,) and our first Tea Times of the year. The Tea Time is an opportunity for parents to give general feedback directly to the Directors. For individual concerns, we do ask that you schedule a specific private time with the Directors by making an appointment with Ms. Ching.

These Tea Time meetings are scheduled to start at 2:30 pm in the MPR.

  • ES - Friday, September 21
  • MS - Thursday, September 27
  • HS - Friday, September 28

We are going to use part of these Tea Times this month to talk about MAPs testing. We will provide more information about what it is, how we use it, and what the data means to parents. We hope that everyone can join us.

After School Support - Policy on Requiring Attendance

Our after school support program includes support for MS and HS students in

  • English every day Monday through Thursday
  • Math on Tuesday and Thursday.

If a student falls behind in their courses, a teacher will require that student to stay after school and to attend these support sessions. There are two common cases that will lead to a student being assigned to these support sessions:

Case 1: The first scenario is missing or incomplete work - in this case the student will be expected to attend every day until they are caught up. The student will be withheld from after school clubs and activities until they are caught up.

Case 2: The second scenario involves having trouble with a specific concept. In this case, the student will be assigned a week and that student will be able to select the days for support that week. The student will not be withheld from other activities.

Procedurally, a teacher requiring after school attendance will contact both the student and a parent to notify them of the start day.

Have a great weekend,



本學年校際體育比賽就由本週的一場令人印象深刻的女子排球友誼賽展開,這星期一在我們與馬禮遜學校的比賽中,AST女子校隊贏得了四節全勝的比賽。 謝謝當天有到比賽現場的家長們!我們非常感激您所給予這些比賽的支持與付出。

這星期,有許多大學代表前來AST參訪。 我們分別招待了新加坡管理大學,聖安瑟姆學院,普利茅斯州立大學,加州大學洛杉磯分校和曼徹斯特大學的代表們。 這幾所學校也是我們歷屆學生申請大學的完美代表。 它們各有不同的特色;分別遍布全球;  並且還是各自專業領域中的創新者。

下星期還有其他知名大學代表也將前來我們校園參訪 (最近大學代表參訪AST非常密集),真令人期待!  同時,學校在下星期還將舉行本學年第一次校長與家長茶敘時間(Tea Time)。歡迎家長們利用Tea Time機會向我們正、副校長反饋各項校務的建議和意見。如果家長有其他個人考量,需要另外與校長或副校長溝通,請您可透過Ms. Ching另行安排見面會談的時段。

        • 小學部家長 – 9月21日星期五
        • 初中部家長 – 9月27日星期四
        • 高中部家長 – 9月28日星期五


本學期課後輔導時間表如下: 同學們可依表定時間直接到各教室接受輔導,無須事先預約。

課後輔導 – 部分同學必須參加的規定


如果學生課程有落後的情況,任課老師得要求該學生在放學後留校,並參加課後輔導課。 學生被老師指定必須上課後輔導最常見的兩種情況如下:

  • 第一種情況是缺交或不完成老師指定作業 - 在這種情況下,學生將被老師要求每天參加課後輔導,直到他們追上進度。 在追上學業進度前,學生將被禁止參加所有課外社團和活動。
  • 第二種情況是學生在學習特定概念上發生問題。在這種情況下,學生將被指定於某一星期須參加課後輔導,而該學生可以選擇在那一星期的那些天參加輔導,且不會被禁止參加其他活動。



校長 金安東