Dear AST Families and Friends,

Thank you to everyone that attended our Back to School Night. I know that some people who wished to attend could not because of the rain delay, but we still had a great number of parents and we very much appreciate their attendance. Additionally, we used a rather different format for our middle school and high school parents that focused on building community and those important individual relationships between parents and teachers. The vast majority of the feedback that I heard during the event was positive both from parents and from teachers. Parents appreciated not spending time running all over campus; teachers felt like they could actually talk to parents and start to understand their unique perspectives. It was a wonderful event and some people even requested that we repeat the event more often throughout the year.

This week, we have wrapped up the vast majority of our MAPS testing. We finished the math test on Wednesday and make-ups on Thursday. We are diligently checking over reports to try and make sure that every last student has finished. This Saturday, our teachers will be on campus with a training from NWEA (the creator of the MAPS assessment) to insure that they understand the data, how best to use it, and how best to communicate that information to our parents. So, please whisper a quiet thank you on Saturday, when you are sipping your morning beverage, to your favorite teachers.

We have scheduled our first set of Tea Time with the Directors meetings. The Tea Time is an opportunity to give general feedback directly to the Directors. For individual concerns, we do ask that you schedule time with the Directors by making an appointment with Ms. Ching.

These meetings are scheduled to start at 2:30 pm in the MPR.

  • ES - Friday, September 21
  • MS - Thursday, September 27
  • HS - Friday, September 28

Based upon feedback from last year we hope to have a short session about a topic pertinent to parents in that division, and then a Q&A time with the Directors. We will share more information about the topics that are selected soon. We hope that everyone can join us.

A couple of quick notes:

  • Thank you to those parents who have consistently dropped off students at the Lincoln Activity Center in the morning. This drop-off location is the safest for everyone involved.
  • If a student is going to be absent or late, please contact Ms. Claire and let her know. Her email is and her phone extension number is x29.

Have a great weekend,



感謝參與這次親師見面會 (Back to School Night) 的所有人。 我知道當天因為下雨導致許多家長原本也想參加卻無法前來,但我們仍然非常感謝有很多家長還是出席了。 此外,這次我們為初、高中部家長換了一種與以往截然不同的親師見面會模式,將焦點專注於:建立我們這個大家庭中,家長及教師之間重要的個別互動關係。 當天在活動進行中,便已有許多前來參加的家長和老師們紛紛給予這次見面會非常正面的意見回饋。 參加的家長們對於不用花時間在校園裡跑教室都表示了感謝之意; 老師們則覺得可以和家長們實際的對談,且開始對於家長獨特的觀點有所了解。 這是一次很精彩的活動,甚至還有些人要求我們在學年中能多辦幾次這樣的見面會。

這星期,我們已完成了絕大部分的秋季MAPS測驗。在星期三考完數學科和星期四進行各科補考後,目前正在進行全面仔細地檢查所有測驗報告,以確保應考同學都有完成個人應參加的測驗。 這星期六,有許多老師則還要到AST參加來自NWEA (MAPS測驗創辦組織) 的培訓,以確保他們能了解來自測驗所得到關於學生的數據,及如何讓這些數據發揮最好的用處,與如何能將這些信息以最佳的方式傳達給家長。 所以,這星期六當您正享用著早餐時,請您在心中,能同時悄悄地對你最喜歡的老師們輕輕地說聲:謝謝。

這學期第一次校長與家長茶敘時間(Tea Time)已安排好了,歡迎家長們利用Tea Time的機會向我們正、副校長反映對各項校務的建議、意見。如果家長因個人考量,需要另外與校長或副校長溝通,請您可透過Ms. Ching另行安排見面會談時段。


  • 小學部家長 – 9月21日星期五
  • 初中部家長 – 9月27日星期四
  • 高中部家長 – 9月28日星期五

根據去年的經驗,我們希望在茶敘的開始,先安排一個與該部門相關的簡短主題會報,然後再進行與校長的問答。 這次會議所選定的主題和更多會議相關細節,我們將會盡快與大家分享。 希望每位家長都能來參加我們茶敘時間。


  • 謝謝自行載送孩子上學的家長們,因您能固定在林肯活動中心外讓孩子們下車,讓我們的校園交通安全更有保障。
  • 若學生需要請假或是將會遲到,請家長們直接與學校Ms. Claire聯絡即可,您可以發電郵到 或來電學校並撥分機29。


校長 金安東