Dear AST Families and Friends,

Thank you to the parents that joined us for the Tea Time with the Directors this week. We talked about Alma, Google Classroom, and changes to AP testing. The full notes from the meeting can be found here.

Mosquitoes and biting midges continue to be the bane of our existence at AST at this time of year. We are spraying to kill them on a weekly basis (typically on Monday, after school). Based upon the location up in the mountains within the trees and lush vegetation where our school resides, we will never be rid of the pests, but we are doing what we can to control them. 

The fall MAPS testing Family Report should have gone home this week. We finished the final makeup test on Thursday. If you have not received the report, please contact the advisory teacher. Reprints of the report can also be requested from Ms. Claire.

On Monday, Dr. Wiles returns to the classroom. Two weeks ago, he had a serious fall while bicycling resulting in a broken femur. We have welcomed a guest teacher for the majority of his classes, but we look forward to the return of Dr. Wiles. We have set up a temporary classroom space in the cafeteria for our music program during his recovery. On Thursday, the first classes met in the new space as we tested the setup. This space will allow Dr. Wiles to work with our kids and remain safe during his recovery. We are still investigating options to get Dr. Wiles back into his normal classroom, but this temporary classroom is allowing him to return now. 

There are a few dates to keep on your calendar for the coming weeks:

  • Friday, 13 Sept - No School for Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Thursday, 19 Sept - PA Meeting at 2 pm in the MPR
  • Friday, 20 Sept - Half Day with buses departing at 12:20 pm

Finally, college recruiters are visiting AST regularly during this time of year. Soon, we are welcoming Boston University and the University of British Columbia. Parents are welcome to join these presentations. For a full listing, please check the school calendar.

Have a great week,


Staying Connected with AST:




感謝家長們本週撥冗參加和校長茶敘的聚會。茶會中,我們談到了學校Alma、Google Classroom在教學上的運用,以及AP考試最新改變的部分。有關這次茶會簡要的答問紀錄,請點閱 這裡


本學年秋季MAPS測試,這星期四已完成最後補考部分,學生的測驗結果報告本週應該已經都發給學生帶回家了。如果您還沒有收到孩子的報告,請聯繫孩子的班導或註冊組 Ms. Claire,他們都可以重新列印孩子的MAPS報告給您。

下週一,Dr. Wiles老師將回到校園來上課了。兩週前,他因在騎自行車時嚴重跌倒導致股骨骨折,而請了病假。這兩星期來,謝謝所有代課老師們的幫忙,而我們則同時在為Dr. Wiles老師回來後能繼續順利上課做安排。目前,學校在LAC1樓餐廳旁加設了一個臨時教室區域,專供音樂課使用。 這星期四,我們首次嘗試將音樂課移到新設的區域上課,並測試這新設的空間可以讓Dr. Wiles老師在骨折康復期安全的與孩子們一起上課,並順利康復。此外,我們也還繼續在為讓Dr. Wiles老師與孩子們能回到平常使用的音樂教室上課而努力,畢竟這個在LAC的臨時教室只是暫時讓教學不會中斷的方案。


  • 9月13日星期五 - 中秋節學校放假一天
  • 9月19日星期四下午2點在行政大樓2樓MPR - 家長月例會
  • 9月20日星期五 - 上半天課,校車於午餐後中午12:20離開學校

最後,每年的這個季節也是大學招生人員定期參訪問AST校園的時候。很快地我們就將歡迎Boston University和 University of British Columbia兩所學校的代表來到我們的校園。我們很歡迎家長也能踴躍參加這些大學招生人員到AST的簡報。如您需大學參訪AST的時程表,請查看學校活動行事曆(Events Calendar)。


校長  金安東