Dear AST Families and Friends,

We have pushed our community very hard this week. With jumping back in after the lost day last Friday, we started our club meetings, we implemented MAPS testing and we pushed ourselves with the tighter Activity Schedule every day this week. This schedule is tougher because of the reduction to passing time between classes, the shortened lunch, the expectation to still get through a blocks worth of material in classes, and extra activities tacked on to the end of the day. It is a lot to ask of anyone. Our students and teachers definitely rose to the occasion. To top it off, we (parents and teachers) committed ourselves to a very long Friday to spend valuable time together.

As I reflect on the week, that sounds like enough right there, but we packed in even more:

  • Wendy Yang with Cornell Admissions came and talked to our high school parents on Monday. She shared candid and direct information with our students that echoed our constant messages. She provided details and examples of the experiences where she interviewed students and she described her criterion when evaluating candidates. The activity photos please click here.
  • We rolled out a new tool and structure to seniors to help us better track and organize their college application process. These seniors have a team of people at AST watching and guiding their journey through the college admissions process.
  • We kicked off the hard conversation with our elementary students about being safe while online. We shared stories and best safety practices with students and parents.
  • We welcomed Godfrey Semwaiko to AST. He will be serving as an Artist in Residence over the next two weeks focusing on storytelling and digital book creation. During this time, students throughout the school will work on a collaborative process with him and each other entitled Taichung: Our Home.

With new clubs and new learning experiences, we are ever so excited about learning and happy to be here together.

Have a great weekend,



這星期我們AST大家庭人人都非常辛苦地在推動校務。繼上星期五意外停課一天之後,這星期除了要銜接上星期累積未完的校務、繼續日常工作以外,學校還立即接著展開這學期的學生社團活動聚會、進行秋季MAPS測驗。且依著先前的計畫,整星期都採用較緊湊的Activity Schedule (活動特別課表)上課。 這個特別課表的設計,減短了每堂下課時間,並縮短中午用餐時間,在盡量不影響正常上課時間下,讓同學們同樣在學科課堂內獲得大量的教學以外,還可在當天放學前有額外時間進行非學科活動。 這份時間表確實對全校每個人的要求都提高許多,但這星期的經驗,我們看到了全體師生都已克服這項挑戰。 此外,這星期五學校延長開放時間,感謝前來參與親師見面會的家長和老師們,我們大家一起共度了寶貴的相聚時光。


  • AST特別請到美國康乃爾大學入學申請部門的Wendy Yang女士,在這星期一來為我們高中生與家長進行一場座談會。她坦率並直接地與我們生分享申請大學一些我們已知或未知又非常關心的信息。她也提供了本身在面試申請學生時的案例和詳細面試資訊,和她在評估申請進入康乃爾的候選人時所採行的衡量標準。當天活動照片請點閱這裡
  • 為協助12年級同學進行申請大學各項步驟,我們新採用了一套軟體來協助同學們追蹤自己的申請進度。 同時我們還特別組成AST輔導申請大學小組,來督導同學們進行申請大學的流程。
  • 這星期,我們也慎重地以 ”安全使用網路” 為題,展開與小學部同學的對話。我們分享了相關的故事與最佳安全實例給小學部同學及家長們參考。
  • 藉此機會,也讓我們歡迎Godfrey Semwaiko先生來到AST。他將從這星期開始在AST進行為期超過兩週的駐點藝術活動。 這段期間,他將與AST的同學們一起說故事並創作電子書,書名是 – 台中 : 我們的家



校長 金安東