Dear AST Families and Friends,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. School starts on Tuesday, August 6, 2019. We will begin with all of our students in the gymnasium together and will follow the regular school day schedule with a few small adjustments during the day. These adjustments to that schedule will be shared by the teachers throughout the day. 

This year begins with a new bus company. With the concerns that we have all shared over the past two years, it was time to begin a new relationship. We look forward to working with this company. One casualty of the switch is that we are no longer able to serve breakfast on Thursday mornings. Please make sure our students get a good night sleep and a healthy breakfast each day before coming to school.

Our Year-At-A-Glance calendar is available on our schedules and calendar site. A couple things to point out for the month of August include:

  • Early Dismissal on August 23rd for Teacher In-Service
  • Family Fun Night - Brother’s Baseball on August 23rd
  • Back to School Night on August 30th

MAPS testing for High School will begin on August 20th and for Middle and Elementary School will begin on August 27th. More information will follow shortly.

Remember to bring your utensils for lunchtime. We continue to try to reduce waste at AST and make ourselves more and more green each year.

Finally, we must share that Dr. Uerkvitz, a founding teacher at AST who served for over 20 years as a teacher and a board member passed away on Monday, July 22nd. He founded the AST Hand Bell Choir in 1990 and we mourn the loss of this outstanding educator. His funeral will be held on Saturday, August 3rd, at 2:30 pm at the Luce Memorial Chapel on the campus of Tunghai University. 

Have a great first week of school,

Anthony Keen

Staying Connected with AST: 


Dear AST families, 

We would like to wish you a relaxing and fun filled summer break.  And to all of our families leaving AST, we wish you all the best!

Please mark down the date of our first day of school which is August 6th on your calendar, And we hope to see you on August 15th  Thursday at our first PA meeting.

We are also looking forward to seeing you at our other events throughout the school year. Feel free to send us with any questions or concerns at the AST English/Chinese LINE and use the AST Website as your first stop for information.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Eunice Wang 

AST PA President

2019-2020 AST PA Committees

PRESIDENT - Eunice Wang (G11 & G8)

VICE PRESIDENT - Jenny Hou (G11 & G9)

SECRETARY - Stephanie Huang (G9 & G6)

TREASURER - Xiao Ling Shih (G11)

Elementary school Representative - Kerry Lin (G5)

Middle school  Representative - Jane Hung(G6)


歡迎大家來到2019-2020學年! 本學年開學日是8月6日星期二,開學日一早,請全校同學先到體育館集合。本學年的課表時間有些微的更動,開學日當天老師會再跟同學們說明清楚。



  • 8月23日因教師在校進修,學生將提早放學 
  • 8月23日晚上在洲際棒球場有Family Fun Night (家庭日) 活動
  • 8月30日傍晚有Back to School Night (返校夜) 活動



最後,我們要與大家分享Dr. Uerkvitz先董事辭世的消息。Dr. Uerkvitz先生曾任AST的音樂老師且一直擔任AST董事逾20年,在7月22日星期一離開了我們,他的追思會已於8月3日在東海路思義教堂舉行。Dr. Uerkvitz 於1990年時為AST成立了特有的Hand Bell Choir (手鐘樂團)至今。對於這位優秀音樂教育家的離去,我們深感哀悼。


校長  金安東  






我們也期待著在整個學年的其他活動中都與您相見。如有任何問題或疑慮,請隨時向我們發送AST English / Chinese LINE,並使用AST網站作為您的第一站信息。


會長 Eunice Wang

2019-2020 AST 家長會幹部:

會長 - Eunice Wang (G11 & G8)

副會長 - Jenny Hou (G11 & G9)

秘書 - Stephanie Huang (G9 & G6)

財務 - Xiao Ling Shih (G11)

小學部家長代表 - Kerry Lin (G5)

初中部家長代表 - Jane Hung(G6)