Dear AST Families and Friends,

We hope that many families had the chance to spend more time together on Friday with the unexpected cancellation. Everything on campus seems to have returned to normal by the time we returned this morning. Based upon the cancellation, we have moved the Back to School Night event to this Friday, August 31. We know that this will pose a challenge for some and now allow others to attend because of the short notice, but this event is more valuable the sooner we can hold it. So, thank you to those who can shuffle schedules to make this work. For those that are unable to rearrange your schedules, we completely understand.

Finally, our fall MAPS testing session will be held this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This data is gathered three times per year to inform teachers’ instructional practice, and to look at growth of our students over time. We will provide additional MAPS information as we move forward during the year..

Website Updates

We continue to update our website both for the new school year and to add information that was not previously available. The latest addition is that under the AST Directory you can now find short bios for most of our teachers. This information shares degrees, certifications, and other related information about them.

The club information for Fall has been posted on the appropriate page on the website. Included is a list of clubs and the schedule of club meetings.

Very shortly we will be updating our bus information and hopefully this will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for related to bus routes.

Clubs, Athletics, and Funding

Middle and high school clubs and athletics starts this week. All clubs and athletics are free for the first two weeks. After this trial period, some clubs will require payment. We are trying to be as transparent and simple as possible in defining who is paying for what.

AST will pay for:

  • AST Facilities
  • Athletic Coaches
  • AST Faculty Sponsors
  • Bus Transportation for practices, matches, and tournaments for off-site events.
  • Typical basic shared supplies for established sports (for example, soccer balls, volleyballs, etc.)
  • Additional insurance when students travel off campus

Club members will pay for:

  • Facility rentals (for spaces outside of AST)
  • Specialty equipment (for example, chin guards for soccer, swimsuits for swimming, individual Lego robot kits for robotics club, and paper for origami)

Club members will pay a minimum fee of 100 NTD for joining a club. This will happen even if the club believes that will not spend any money. All money collected for clubs will be spent solely on that club.

The exceptions to the minimum payment are our service clubs. These clubs will have no fee.

The students are beginning to work on their club budgets and proposals this week.

2018 AST Club Fair:

Back to School Night: Friday, August 31st - Revised Date!

Another exciting event that is happening this week is Back to School Night! We are taking a different approach this year where the focus is “Getting to Know Your Teachers!” Parents will have an opportunity to meet and greet their child’s teachers in a more personal way, to develop direct communication from the beginning of the school year. Parents will also receive important information about the academic programs. We strongly believe parents and teachers are partners in a child’s education and invite you in to get to know each other!

The elementary program will start at 2 p.m. in the gym. Following the director’s address and the specialists introductions, the classroom presentations will take place in the elementary classrooms. The program will end in the gym with parents and specialist teachers getting to know each other. .  

The middle/high school program will start at 3:45 p.m. with the Director’s address in the gym. Afterwards, parents will then be able to visit teachers’ tables in the gym or in the cafeteria from 4:15 p.m. to 6 p.m.

We hope that with this new approach parents and teachers will feel more comfortable reaching out to each other as needed, developing a closer working relationship for the benefit of our children.

For more information, please see our schedule below.

Have a great week,

Anthony and Annie


我們希望上星期意外停課的機會,促使很多家庭因此而增加了與家人們團聚的寶貴時間。 今天早上我們回到校園來之後,一切似乎都已恢復了正常。 因為這次的停課規定,我們已將Back to School Night活動移至8月31日星期五舉行。我們知道這麼短促的通知,勢必將造成一些家長們的不便,但因本活動對孩子教育非常重要,我們還是想盡量提早完成它。 所以,非常感謝配合調度個人時間來參加本活動的家長們。而對於那些無法重新安排時間表來參加的家長們,我們也完全可以理解。

另外,本學年度秋季MAPS測試已訂於本星期二,星期三和星期四舉行。 學校將每年收集同學們的MAPS考試成績數據三次,以便老師們參考運用於教學實務上,並隨著時間的推移來觀察學生的學習成長。 未來學校也將提供更多MAPS信息給大家。


新學年學校網頁也陸續在更新中,並同時添加了些以前無法提供的訊息。 最新增加的資訊是在AST Directory項目下,您可以看到所有AST老師的個人簡介,包括老師的學、經歷,持有證書等相關信息。




AST初、高中學生社團和體育活動於本星期一開始已全面啟動。所有AST社團和體育活動在本星期和下星期兩周內,都由學校提供讓同學們免費參加。 但兩星期後,有些社團的成本費用則須由確定要參加該社團的同學們來分擔。 至於哪些同學生要負擔哪些社團費用,學校將盡量嘗試做到簡單且透明化。目前社團費用負擔如下:


• AST 校園設施

• 運動教練

• AST 老師贊助指導

• 到校外參加練習、比賽和錦標賽的校車費用

• 基本共用的體育用品 (如:足球、排球等)

• 校外活動增加的學生保險費用


• 場地設施租借費用 (在AST校園外的場地)

• 特殊個人使用器材 (如,足球隊員的下巴護具;游泳隊員的泳衣;以及用於機器人社團的個人樂高機器人套組件;摺紙社員用於摺紙的紙張)




2018 AST 社團介紹大會活動照片:

Back to School Night/親師見面會更新舉辦日期為 - 8月31日星期五!

本星期另一項令人期待的活動即是Back to School Night (親師見面會)! 今年我們採取了不同的親師見面方式,活動重點設定為 “了解你的老師”!  家長將有機會以更符合個人選擇的方式與孩子的老師見面並互相問候,在學年的初始即與老師直接溝通聯繫。 前來參加見面會的家長將會收到孩子任課老師本學年的教學大綱等重要教學訊息。 我們一向堅信父母和老師是孩子教育的最佳合作夥伴,因此,敬邀家長們把握機會,前來校園與教導您孩子的老師們相互瞭解!


初/高中部的親師見面會則將於星期五下午3:45在LAC 2樓體育館內展開,在校長致詞後,家長在4:15到6:00間,可自行到1樓的餐廳或2樓體育館內與想見面的老師會談。




校長    金安東

副校長 童元欣