Dear AST Family and Friends,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year. The faculty and staff are working hard to prepare for everyone's arrival next week. We are very excited and are looking forward to getting this year started. Two key events for next week are the New Student and Family Orientation on Monday, and the First Day of School on Tuesday. The schedule for the New Student and Family Orientation is attached here. On Tuesday, everyone will start the day in the gymnasium together where we will get students connected with their advisory teachers, and get schedules into student's hands.

Have a great first week of the year,


New Student Information System: Alma

Over the summer, we have transitioned our student information system to Alma. (Previously this included Rediker's SIS and the Portal system.) We were not satisfied with the experiences of parents, students, faculty, or staff with the prior vendor, and spent considerable time last year looking at other options. The result of that search was Alma. The Alma experience is more intuitive and simpler for everyone to use. We are committed to a more accurate and up-to-date system for communication.

Once students and parents log in to Alma, you will be able to see the class schedules. You will have the first two weeks of the school year to make changes. For high school students, please see counselor Diane Wilson. For middle school students, please see Anthony Keen.


Faculty Communication Expectations

I would like to share the expectations that I have established with the teachers so that parents and teachers can all have a common understanding. If these expectations are not being met, please do not hesitate to let me know.


Grading Assignments: Assignments that are graded and put in the grade book should be entered within one week of the due date.

Email Response Time: Parents should receive a response to an email within two business days. This email may indicate a need for more time to research an issue but should include a timeline for a follow-up email.

Elementary LINE Messages: Parent should receive a response within 24 hours unless it is an emergency situation and then contact will be made sooner.


Upper Court Resurfacing & Other Improvements

Each summer improvements are made around campus, but the most significant project was the resurfacing of the upper courts. The new surface is made from a material that is similar to the surface inside the LAC. This means that while firm, the surface still gives a little bit making it safer for the athletes using the court. It has also been repainted and re-lined and looks welcoming to our student-athletes.

Additional projects around campus include subdividing a portion of the MPR to make another classroom space, new awning panes for the C building, additional lighting on Lincoln Way, and a number of other small improvements throughout the campus.


Middle School Electives

We have now emailed a form to all MS students at their school email addresses. They can indicate their preferences on this form. They will need to be logged into their school email to use the form. Additionally, the form can be found here.

Actual scheduling of electives for middle school students will happen on Monday beginning with the eighth-graders.


歡迎進入2018-2019學年,目前學校全體教職員都正緊鑼密鼓地在準備迎接同學們回到校園來,讓我們一起興奮地期待全新一學年的開始。下星期最為重要的兩件事就是星期一的新生訓練,和星期二的開學日。 星期一新生訓練的時程表請點閱這裡。星期二開學日早上到校時,請全體同學都先到體育館2樓找自己的 Advisory Teacher (班導) 集合,也請各班級導師發送班上同學的個人課表給同學。

‍校長  金安東



今年暑假,我們已將所有學生資訊轉移到新採購的Alma系統 (包括原保存於 Rediker 的SIS和Portal系統裡的資料)。 由於家長、學生以及教職員們對於之前用的學生資訊系統經驗有些不滿,去年我們花了相當多的時間搜尋並考量了其他需多選擇,結果決定採用 Alma系統。AST一向致力於為全校師生與家長們提供更準確又最新的通訊方式。我們覺得相較於以往,Alma系統可以更直觀、更便利於每個人的使用。

學生和家長在成功登錄Alma帳戶後,就可以看到學生個人的班級時間表。而想更改個人班級時間表的同學,可在開學後的前兩週進行調換課。 請高中部有需要的同學找輔導老師Ms. Diane Wilson諮詢;初中部有需要換課的同學,則請找校長Mr. Anthony Keen諮詢。






回覆電子郵件時間:老師們應在收到家長電子郵件後,兩個工作日內讓家長收到回覆。 如需要更多時間來研究家長提出的問題,老師可先在第一封回郵內表明,但也同時應讓家長知道後續將回覆的預定時間表。

小學部親師間的 LINE訊息:小學部家長應會在24小時內收到老師回覆的 Line訊息;若是緊急事件,老師會更快的聯繫家長。



每年暑假校園內都會進行一些改善設施工程,今年也不例外。 這個暑假,最重要的改善校園項目是重鋪戶外球場地面。 新戶外球場地面是由與LAC球場表面相似的材料製成,不僅較為堅固,同時也讓運動員更有安全保障。 除了地面外,我們還重新粉刷周邊設施和重新劃線,希望能吸引同學們多多來運動。




我們已通過電子郵件將下學年選課表發送到所有初中部同學的學校電郵帳戶。他們可以在此表單上表明他們喜好的選修科目。但請記得需要先登錄到他們的學校電子郵件才能使用該表格。 此外,表格也可以在這裡找到。