Dear AST Family and Friends,

Thank you to all the parents that joined us for the Science Fair and the High School English Exhibitions. This time of year is a great time to celebrate the accomplishments of the year and enter the summer vacation with a positive outlook on our collective and individual futures. Next week, the celebrations continue with Graduation on Tuesday at 1:30 pm, the Awards Assembly on Wednesday at 8:00 am, the promotion ceremonies for 5th and 8th-grade students and the middle school drama performances, both later in the day.

Have a fantastic last week,

Anthony Keen



High school graduation will run from 1:30 to approximately 3:00 pm on Tuesday with some socialization time afterward. Middle school and high school students are expected to attend the event. Elementary students will be participating at the end of the event. Buses will leave normally at 3:45 pm after the ceremony.


High School Semester Exams

The high school end of semester exams will be on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday, students may leave on an early bus at 1:00 pm. On Tuesday, students should stay for graduation at 1:30 pm.


Yearbook Pickup

The yearbooks are available for checkout in K3b (Ms. Esme's room) according to the following schedule.


Seniors: June 1st anytime after 9:10am


Grade 1-5: June 4th, 8:00-8:30


MS Advisory: June 4th, 1:30-2:00


HS students: June 4th 8:30- 10:00 or 11:40-1:00


                       June 5th 8:00-10:00 or 11:00-12:30



MS & HS Student Checkout

The checkout forms can be picked up at the library or in Ms. Amy's office. Students will need to visit the library (return books), GAO (return locker key), and Ms. Amy's office (return the completed form). This can be completed any time during the last week of school.


Lunch Changes Coming

The students were surveyed regarding their preferences concerning the lunch vendors. Based on those results we will be replacing Dacai and Bambook restaurants with new vendors for next year. Thank you to everyone that took the time to respond to the survey.



感謝家長們到學校來參觀我們學生的科展和英語文學展。 學年即將結束,也是我們歡慶學習成果並帶著對於個人和團隊未來積極展望一起進入暑假的時候了。 接下來學年結束前的最後一星期,畢業典禮將於星期二下午1:30在學校體育館舉行;全體學生頒獎典禮將在星期三上午8:00舉行;5年級生晉升初中部典禮、8年級生晉升高中部典禮和初中部戲劇表演都將接著在星期三頒獎典禮後進行。











領取Yearbook (畢業紀念冊)

今年yearbook將在Ms. Esme老師的教室(K3b) 發放,請依下列時間表前去領取。


12年級同學: 6月1日上午9:10以後


小學部1-5年級同學: 6月4日上午 8:00-8:30


初中部各輔導小組同學: 6月4日下午1:30-2:00


高中部同學: 6月4日上午8:30- 10:00 或 11:40到下午1:00


                       6月5日上午 8:00-10:00 或 11:00-12:30




學生期末簽退表可到學校圖書館或Ms. Amy辦公室索取。同學們需到圖書館 (歸還借出的書籍),總務室 (歸還置物櫃鑰匙),最後到Ms. Amy辦公室 (交回已完成的簽退表)。 以上程序,請同學們在下星期學期結束前完成。