Dear AST Families and Friends,

The celebration is real, profound, and widespread. Yesterday, we spent considerable time preparing for and hosting a set of reporters who were interviewing Team ASTonishing about their success in Turkey. I thought about how I would try to summarize why this is important and what it represents, and I wanted to share some of those thoughts here.

The Fundamental Question: What makes AST special?

AST has strong, proven academics. We have the best AP results in Taichung and arguably the best results on the island. Our students are accepted by and attend impressive colleges. But to me, these things make AST a good school--not a special school.

For my first four years at AST as a teacher and Assistant Director, I would have told you that AST is special because of the individual attention that we give to every student. We have smaller class sizes than the other international schools in Taiwan because of this value, and this keeps us looking at the whole child. As a result, we love and care about our kids.

Over the last two years, I have added two things to my message. First, #Passion2Action--we push our kids to find and explore their passions. Passion is connected to curiosity, wonder, motivation, and drive. Helping our kids to tap into these things is more important than any particular flake of knowledge we can pass on to our kids. Action is doing something about that passion--taking action, trying to make something happen.

Second, I have talked about what is possible when student passion is combined with school structure and parent support. A three-legged stool is frequently used as a metaphor to represent things like this coming into balance. The three legs (student passion, school structure, and parent support) when in balance, provide perfect support for the seat (the team’s work.) The success of our robotics team shatters the metaphor, however. The stool typically represents stability and support. However in our case, the legs have been replaced with the telescoping supports of a modern tripod pushing what it supports to greater heights.

I do want to congratulate Team ASTonishing again on their success and point out the news articles about the team, but I also want to congratulate everyone on an amazing year. Our successes have been far and wide. Thank you to everyone that joined us at the Awards Party for those celebrations and acknowledgments. Thank you to everyone joining us for End of Year Celebrations today and all next week. And, thank you to all the parents for sharing your amazing kids with us.

For the Awards Party pictures, please click here.  

Have a great weekend,

Anthony & Annie

Repeated Reminders from Last Week about the End of the Year

For the last week of school, each day has a unique schedule. Monday, 3 June, has been designated the Service Day. Different groups will be off campus pursuing different service opportunities. These are so popular that we are currently organizing an educational trip for those MS students that did not yet sign-up for a service trip. We expect all of the groups to be back for the Spring Concert at 2:30 pm in the gym.

More Information by Grade Level:

Parents are invited to:


  • Monday, 3 June, 2:30 pm; Spring Concert
  • Tuesday, 4 June, 1:30 pm; Graduation
  • Wednesday, 5 June, 8:00 am; All School Assembly (Gym)
  • Wednesday, 5 June, 10:30 am; 8th Grade Promotion


  • Wednesday, 5 June,8:00 am; All School Assembly (Gym)
  • Wednesday, 5 June, 8:30 am; 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony (Gym)




AST擁有強大的,經過驗證的學術環境。我們在台中甚至全台擁有最好的AP(大學先修課程)成績。我們學生畢業後都申請到很好的大學。但是,對我來說,上述的這些特點僅僅使AST成為一所好學校 - 而不是特別的學校。


過去兩年我身為校長,又添加了兩個想法。首先是,#Passion2Action (從熱情到行動) - 我們敦促孩子們去找尋和探索個人的熱情所在。"熱情"會與好奇心、存疑、動機及動力相關連。幫助孩子們學會利用這些相關聯的重點比我們傳給孩子們任何特定或片面的知識更為重要。而"行動" 就是為這種熱情做點什麼 - 也就是實踐熱情,嘗試讓希望的事情發生。




校長  金安東    副校長 童元欣


下星期是本學年最後一周,每天都有不同的課表。6月3日星期一是Service Day,不同的小隊將到不同的地點體驗不同的服務機會與學習經驗。初中部同學請盡快讓家長簽回參加活動假單。當天,最後的活動是下午2:30全校一起於體育館參加春季音樂會。




  • 6/3  星期一,下午2:30 - 春季音樂會
  • 6/4 星期二,下午1:30 - 2019畢業典禮
  • 6/5 星期三,上午8:00 - 全校集會(體育館)
  • 6/5 星期三,上午10:30 - 8年級生晉升高中典禮(體育館)


  • 6/5 星期三,上午8:00 - 全校集會(體育館)
  • 6/5 星期三,上午8:30 - 五年級生晉升初中典禮(體育館)