Dear AST Families and Friends,

We are rapidly approaching the end of the school year. Next week, on Wednesday, the MS Drama Performances will be held. The performance for parents will begin just a little earlier at 2:10 as this performance is a little longer than I originally understood. Afterward, parents are invited to join our presentation “Planning for College Now” in the MPR at 3:45 pm.

On Friday, the elementary school is hosting the End of Year Celebration at 2:30 pm. We look forward to seeing our elementary parents at that time.

For the last week of school, each day has a unique schedule. Monday, 3 June, has been designated the Service Day. Different groups will be off campus pursuing different service opportunities. These are so popular that we are currently organizing an educational trip for those MS students that did not yet sign-up for a service trip. We expect all of the groups to be back for the Spring Concert at 2:30 pm in the gym.

More Information by Grade Level:

These two weeks will go so quickly.

Have a great weekend,

Anthony and Annie

Parents are invited to:


  • Wednesday, 29 May, 2:10 pm; MS Drama Performance (theatre)
  • Wednesday, 29 May, 3:45 pm; Planning for College now (MPR)
  • Monday, 3 June, 2:30 pm; Spring Concert
  • Tuesday, 4 June, 1:30 pm; Graduation
  • Wednesday, 5 June, 8:00 am; All School Assembly (Gym)
  • Wednesday, 5 June, 10:30 am; 8th Grade Promotion


  • Friday, 31 May, 2:30 pm; ES End of Year Celebration (theatre)
  • Wednesday, 5 June,8:00 am; All School Assembly (Gym)
  • Wednesday, 5 June, 8:30 am; 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony (Gym)


學年即將結束,在暑假來臨前學校仍有許多活動。讓我們先敬邀家長們前來觀賞下星期三初中部的戲劇課表演。這次戲劇表演時間比我原先理解的要長一點,有興趣的家長們請於當天下午2:10 到學校小禮堂觀賞演出。在表演結束後,我們還要邀請家長們接著在下午3:45參加在行政大樓2樓MPR舉行的 “立即規劃大學之路” 座談會。

下星期五,小學部將在下午2:30舉辦 "End of Year Celebration” 年度學習成果發表慶祝活動。期待在能見到我們小學生家長們前來參加。

本學期最後一周,則是每一天都有一個獨特的時間表。6月3日星期一,我們安排了 "Service Day” (服務日)課表 。當天學生們將分成許多團隊從事不同的服務活動。這些服務活動非常受學生們歡迎,我們目前還正在為那些尚未報名參加服務之旅的初中學生同時安排一趟教育之旅。當天最後的安排則是所有學生在下午2:30齊聚學校體育館,參加本學年的春季音樂會。


校長  金安東    副校長 童元欣



  • 5/29 星期三,下午2:10 - 初中戲劇表演(小禮堂)
  • 5/29 星期三,下午3:45 - "立即規劃大學之路" 講座(MPR)
  • 6/3  星期一,下午2:30 - 春季音樂會
  • 6/4 星期二,下午1:30 - 2019畢業典禮
  • 6/5 星期三,上午8:00 - 全校集會(體育館)
  • 6/5 星期三,上午10:30 - 8年級生晉升高中典禮(體育館)


  • 5/31 星期五,下午2:30 - 期末成果發表會(小禮堂)
  • 6/5 星期三,上午8:00 - 全校集會(體育館)
  • 6/5 星期三,上午8:30 - 五年級生晉升初中典禮(體育館)