Dear AST Families and Friends,

Yesterday, the Parent Association met for the final meeting of the year. We would like to again thank Ms. Debra Liu for her service to the school and the association as its President for the past two years. Ms. Liu’s son, Norman, is graduating this year and excited to be heading off to UCLA to continue pursuing his educational career.

We would like to also thank Ms. Eunice Wang & Ms. Emma Green for stepping forward together to assume the role of Co-Presidents for the coming years. These two people are excited about improving the support of new parents to AST and are committed to improving the diversity of the parent association. The entire meeting yesterday was held in English with translation into Chinese. The new ideas and leadership from our new Presidents will help us all move together as partners in our children’s education.

Ongoing one-on-one conversations are happening with students in grades eight through eleven related to scheduling and future planning. If you haven’t talked to Mr. Keen or Ms. Wilson yet, make an appointment today. Additionally, we are offering a presentation targeted at 8th-grade students and parents at 3:45 pm on Wednesday, May 29th, entitled Planning for College Now. We will talk about the things that 8th-grade students should be doing this summer as part of their college planning.

Finally, it is our pleasure to share with you that TAIMUN XVII raised $16,000 NTD for the Taichung Learning Disability Center (LDA) during the event. Special thanks go to Secretary General, Juliat Lin, and Deputy Secretary-General, Norman Hsu, for their leadership in TAIMUN and in the fundraising for the Taichung LDA. It is great to see the impact of their vision to help raise more awareness around the challenges these students have, and to financially help these struggling students to learn more effectively.  

Have a great weekend,

Anthony and Annie

Upcoming Events:

Friday, 24 May

  • The HS Drama will be performing their take on the Little Mermaid at 2:30 pm. Seating is extremely limited. Please contact Mr. Wiles with questions.
  • This is the last regular day for seniors.
  • The AST Awards Party will be held at the Tempus Hotel. This will include athletics awards like MVP and Most Inspirational for different teams. It will include academic awards like the Leadership Award for each division (ES/MS/HS) and the Global Citizenship Award from EARCOS. And, it will also include club awards and recognition for students’ significant contributions and models of good participation, service, and integrity by being reliable and consistent. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

    To ease transportation, students may sign up for a direct bus from AST to the Party. They should bring their change of clothes with them to school. They must sign-up for this express bus by Wednesday. The bus sign up sheet has been posted on the bulletin board outside of Mr. Yuri’s door. Please contact Mr. Yuri for more details.   

Wednesday, 29 May

  • The MS Drama will be performing at 2:30 pm. Seating is limited. Please contact Ms. Leahy with questions.
  • 8th Grade Students & Parents Presentation: “Planning for College Now” at 3:45 pm in the MPR

Friday, 31 May

  • The ES End of Year Celebration is at 2:30 pm. All ES Parents are encouraged to attend. Please contact Ms. Spinelli with questions.


昨天,AST家長會舉行了本年度最後一次月例會。藉此機會,讓我們再次感謝Ms. Debra Liu會長過去兩年為學校和家長會盡心盡力的服務。Ms. Liu的兒子 Norman是今年AST應屆畢業生,很高興他已確定將前往加州大學洛杉磯分校(UCLA) 繼續接受大學教育。

我們也還要感謝Ms. Eunice Wang和Ms. Emma Green兩位將共同擔任未來幾年AST家長會會長的角色。她們兩位都很有興趣促進新加入學生家長對AST的支持,並將努力讓家長會的聚會呈現更多樣性。昨天的家長月例會全程以英文進行,並同步翻譯成中文。新會長們的想法和領導定將有助於我們為孩子教育付出的所有合作夥伴們一起共同行動。

目前我們正在進行與8至11年級學生一對一的談話,我們與這些學生談論他們對未來的規劃和下學年的選課安排。如果有同學尚未與Mr. Keen或Ms. Wilson談過,請立即預約。 此外,我們還將於5月29日星期三下午3:45舉辦一場針對8年級學生和家長的座談會,主題為 “立即規劃大學”。會中將討論到8年級學生申請大學應有的規劃及今年夏天必須去做的事情。

最後,我們很高興與您分享本屆台灣模擬聯合國會議(TAIMUN XVII)在活動期間共為台中學習障礙中心(LDA)募到了新台幣16,000元。在此,特別感謝TAIMUN秘書長Juliat Lin和副秘書長Norman Hsu兩位同學領導了本屆的TAIMUN會議及為台中LDA募款的活動。很高興看到他們能將幫助學習有困難學生的願景付諸於行動,以實質經濟上的協助讓這些辛苦接受學習挑戰的學生能更有效地學習。


校長  金安東    副校長 童元欣



  • 高中戲劇表演:小美人魚,將於下午2:30演出。觀眾席位有限,如欲觀賞或有其他問題請與指導老師 Mr. Wiles 聯繫。
  • 當天也是本年度應屆畢業生最後一天上課日。
  • 下午6點,年度AST Awards Party頒獎晚宴將於永豐棧酒店舉行。典禮中將頒發個體育校隊的年度MVP運動員獎、和各領域最值得鼓勵獎項,包括學術類獎項、各部門領導獎(小學 / 初中 / 高中)和EARCOS授予的全球公民獎;還有認可各社團或活動中,學生個人傑出表現,良好的參與活動楷模、熱心服務和正直誠信的獎勵。我們期待在晚宴中看到每個人的出席。

當天放學為交通方便,學生可以先報名搭乘從AST到Awards Party的直達校車。他們可以把晚會要穿著的衣服先帶到學校來。請要搭乘校車到會場的同學必須在星期三(5/22) 之前報名,登記表已張貼在Mr. Yuri老師辦公室門外的公佈欄上。關於晚會的更多詳情請聯繫Mr. Yuri老師。


  • 初中部戲劇表演將於下午2:30舉行,觀眾座位有限,如有任何相關問題請與 Ms. Leahy 老師聯絡。.
  • 8年級學生及家長座談會,主題: “Planning for College Now (現在就為升大學做好準備)” ,時間:下午 3:45,地點:行政大樓2樓MPR


  • 下午2:30將舉行小學部年度成果發表會,歡迎所有小學部家長踴躍參加,如有任何疑問請與 Ms. Spinelli 老師聯絡。