Dear AST Family and Friends,

With three and a half weeks remaining, we are slowly moving through our list of “lasts”. We are starting our last set of MAPS tests for the year. Next week, we will have our last AP exams. Our teachers are covering those last standards before the year comes to an end. This is a time for finishing well, ending on a high note, reflecting, and celebrating, especially this year. 

There is nothing normal about this year making it all the more important that we learn from it. We are reflecting on those new things that we tried and the solutions that we devised for new challenges. We are trying to learn individually and as a community. We are asking everyone to join us in that reflection. Take the time to look at this year, reflect on it, and learn from it.

Have a great week,

Anthony & Annie

G5 to 6 MS Transition Meeting with Parents, 05/15/2020

Date Reminders

  • The last day of the school year will be Wednesday, June 10, 2020.
  • The week of June 1 through June 5 will be a regular 5-day week continuing to alternate Day 1 and Day 2.
  • The last day for students to turn in work is Friday, June 5, 2020.
  • The last week will look like this: (so far)

  • Seniors
  • Graduation is moved to May 29
  • Last regular day is May 22
  • Graduation rehearsals are May 26, 27, 28
  • May 26: 8:30 am at AST

  • High School Prom
  • May 29th





校長  Anthony Keen 副校長  Annie Tung

G5 to 6 MS Transition Meeting with Parents, 05/15/2020


  • 本學年(期) 最後上課日將是2020年6月10日星期三
  • 6月1日至6月5日那星期將繼續依循原日常Day 1、Day 2課表
  • 學生繳交本學期作業的期限是2020年6月5日星期五
  • 最後一星期的課表目前規劃如下:

  • 應屆畢業生
  • 畢業典禮 - 5月 29日
  • 正常上課最後一天 - 5月22日
  • 畢業典禮彩排日 - 5月 26, 27, 28日
  • 5月26日上午8:30 應屆畢業生須到校

  • 高中畢業舞會
  • 5月 29日