Dear AST Families and Friends,

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of sitting down with an 8th-grade student and talking about her interests beyond high school. We were able to research ideas together and talk about some initial plans about high school courses and other avenues that she should also be pursuing outside of school. I enjoy these conversations so much! Ms.Wilson and Mr. Norton are both happy to have and frequently do have these conversations as well. I want to openly invite any other students with or without their parents who would like to have these visits again, or at greater length, to come in and talk. Any of us, myself, Ms. Wilson, or Mr. Norton are interested and available. These conversations are filled with hope and lined with dreams of a fantastic future.

Next week, testing permeates are school. AP exams continue for their second week. MAPS testing for high school and elementary school are woven throughout. Contrastingly, we wrap up the week with the high school Prom on Saturday.

The following week concludes with some elementary field trips, the HS Drama performance, and the Annual Awards Party. If you have not already done so, sign up now to join us for the Awards Party.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Have a great weekend,

Anthony and Annie

Congratulations to our Grade 4 student, Amber Yang! She is one of our ES Martial Arts club members.

Amber joined 2019 Chungcheng Cup International Wushu championship and she received the First Place in both Fan Play and Broadsword Play.

We are so happy for her and also appreciate our Martial Arts teacher, Ms. Kitty.

Courtesy of Ms. Amber Chin


昨天,我很高興能與一名八年級學生坐下來好好談論她在高中以後的興趣。我們一起研究並討論一些關於高中課程的初步計劃以及她應該可在校外另外同時追求夢想的許多途徑。我非常喜歡這樣的談話! 同樣的,Ms.Wilson 和 Mr. Norton也都很樂意並經常與同學們進行這類對話,讓我公開邀請任何學生不管有或沒有父母陪同,都可以直接來找我們進行這些對話。不管多少次或花多長的時間,Ms. Wilson, Mr. Norton 和我都很歡迎同學們來找我們談談自己的未來,我們要AST的同學能充滿希望,認真學習外並伴隨著美好未來的夢想。

下週,校園內瀰漫著滿滿的考試氛圍。 AP考試持續進行到第二週;高中和小學的MAPS考試同時交織進行。最後,將會由星期六的高中畢業舞會以全然不同於考試的感覺來結束這一週。

再接下來的一週,從小學部到其他年級都將有些校外教學活動,5月24日星期五下午在學校有學生戲劇表演,晚上則是年度Awards Party頒獎晚會,歡迎與家人一起參加。若您還沒準備好參加Awards Party,提醒您先到學校總務室購買晚會餐券,切莫錯失給孩子鼓勵加油的好機會。



校長  金安東    副校長 童元欣

恭賀小學部武術社團的四年級同學Amber Yang 在2019中正盃國際武術大賽中,參與奇兵器-連環扇及刀術-梅花刀的兩項目榮獲雙料冠軍!


感謝 Ms. Amber Chin提供