Dear AST Family and Friends,

Thank you to all the parents that came out to attend our College Planning parent information session, our high school Tea Time session, and the Spring Concert. Valuable information, relevant ideas, and a diverse musical performance made for an excellent Thursday afternoon on campus.

This week, we have administered the MAPS assessment for the spring. We will need to complete make-ups tests next week and we will share the results once it is finished.

For the next two weeks, high school students will be taken Advanced Placement (AP) exams. If they take a test, they are excused from classes on that day. Please encourage these students to get a restful night's sleep the night before and to eat a healthy breakfast on the day of the exam. (These are really always good advice, but especially important for days like these.)

The course selection process for next year has just barely begun this week by talking to the current 10th-grade students. We will share all the forms and information related to course selection with all of the parents next week so that families have time to talk about their preferences together.

Have a great next week,





接下來兩星期,高中部同學將進行年度AP測驗。參加考試同學,當天可以不用依照日常課表上課。請家長鼓勵參加考試的孩子,在考試前一天晚上要有充足的睡眠,考試當天也務必要吃健康的早餐 (雖然這建議在平常就很有用,但在這重要的考試期間,睡眠與早餐仍是特別需要重視的)。