Dear AST Families and Friends,

The End of a Very Busy Week

The big event for the week was TAIMUN XV. The 15th annual TAIMUN conference hosted 300 students from all over Taiwan who gathered to discuss, debate, and coordinate in this Model United Nations real world problems that can be found in the headlines every day. Taichung Mayor Lin, who attended United Nations University while pursuing his PhD in Sustainable Development spoke at the opening ceremony on Wednesday. Keynote speaker Rebecca Maxie from the United Nations Shot@Life Campaign inspired the delegates with her address on the Shot@Life program and grassroots strategy. The conference continues through Friday evening. All students from grades 8 through 12 play an important role in TAIMUN.

Elementary Hosts FaZhi Students     

Once again, students from FaZhi elementary school spent Wednesday at our elementary school. Visitors shared parts of their Bunun Culture with us and performed at the opening of TAIMUN XV.

On Friday, ES students went on a field trip to the Flying Cow Ranch. One more event in a very busy week.

6th and 7th Grade Have Two Field Trips

Because TAIMUN XV involves virtually the entire campus, middle school students take advantage of that opportunity to go on two days of field grips. Thursday brought them to the science museum and some time to relax together at the bowling alley. Friday found them at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.

Board Meeting Tuesday

As if all this was not enough, Tuesday was the final board meeting of the year. Budgets and plans for the future were discussed. Information on tuition for 2017-18 will be available within two weeks.


Andrew Corcoran




這星期學校最大的活動就是TAIMUN XV。 今年第15屆的TAIMUN(台灣模擬聯合國) 會議有超過三百位來自全台灣高中學生齊聚 AST校園,以模擬聯合國開會的模式一起討論、辯證及協調現實世界裡,每天頭條新聞中常可找到的議題。感謝台中市長林佳龍先生這星期三特別蒞臨TAIMUN XV開幕典禮致詞,林市長是政治學博士,曾於聯合國大學高等研究所擔任研究員,他能撥冗參加TAIMUN開幕典禮,對於TAIMUN活動有著重大的意義。本屆TAIMUN會議也請到來自附屬於聯合國Shot@Life組織代表Ms. Rebecca Maxie擔任主講人,她的演說激勵所有與會同學一同關注Shot@Life組織為促進人類健康所進行的計劃與行動。TAIMUN會議從星期三下午開幕到星期五傍晚閉幕,AST所有8到12年級的同學在TAIMUN的活動中,都扮演了非常重要的一員。


今年我們再度邀請南投法治國小師生前來AST與我們小學部交流互動。星期三整天,這些貴賓遠道而來,分享了部份他們布農族的文化給我們,並接受TAIMUN XV的邀請在開幕典禮中表演。



因為 TAIMUN XV 活動會場幾乎遍及AST整座校園,我們初中部6、7年級同學剛好藉此機會走出校園,連續兩天進行戶外教學。星期四當天他們先前往科博館參觀,然後再到保齡球館運動放鬆;星期五的行程則是前往九族文化村。



校長  柯安華