Dear AST Families and Friends,

TAIMUN XVII has come and gone with a flash. We would like to thank all the students whose hard work paid off with an outstanding event. The keynote speaker, Wesley Rogerson, with the United Nations Foundation highlighted the great work done in hosting this event as well as the fantastic work already happening at AST. Our educational focus promotes advocacy and global citizenship and these values permeate our culture. He found examples from our clubs created by students that illustrated this point and he drew direct connections to the United Nations Sustainability Goals. Further …

Next week, you are invited to celebrate with our AST Emerging Artists on Thursday at Cafe 185. The full exhibit will be up for one month, but Thursday is the kickoff of that exhibit. Enjoy art from many of our students as well as the artwork of Anna Lee.

With the tremendous things going on at AST, it can be easy to overlook the small steps forward. Here are a few other things that have happened as well:

  • The computer lab and faculty lounge have switched locations.
    The computer lab is being renamed the Design Lab. This renaming is connected to our ongoing efforts to switch from tools to design thinking. There are more tools coming to support design in that space in the near future as well as more conversations about design on a broader scale.
    This room switch has improved both spaces in usability and accessibility.
  • We have added a large refrigerator in the cafeteria kitchen for student lunches. This is expressly for those students who bring food from home that they would like refrigerated during the day. It is conveniently located near the microwaves for easy access at lunchtime. Lunches brought should be removed at the end of the day. We will be monitoring the usage to determine the appropriate cleanout schedule for abandoned food.
  • We are solidifying the end of school year plans and schedule and we will have a full publication for you soon. This schedule includes performances, celebrations, graduation, promotion ceremonies, final exams, and time for service opportunities.

Finally, we would like to remind the parents that drive the hill every morning and every afternoon to take it slow and keep our students safe.

Have a great weekend,

Anthony and Annie


第十七屆台灣模擬聯合國會議很快地已隆重閉幕。我們感謝所有成就這次卓越活動、辛勤付出的同學們。來自聯合國基金會的大會主題演講人Wesley Rogerson特別強調了我們舉辦此活動所呈現出的卓越工作,並提到AST教育裡已有非凡的成就。AST將教育重點放在促進並倡導全球公民意識,並將這些價值觀滲透到我們的校園文化中。主講人就從AST學生們所創建的社團中找到一些例子直接連結聯合國持續發展目標來說明這些觀點。

敬邀您在4月25日星期四下午參加我們在185 Cafe舉辦的美術展覽開幕式。本次AST為期一個月的美術展將有同學們和李安娜董事長的作品聯合展出。


  • 電腦教室和教師休息室已交換地點。為了配合學校努力增強使用電子工具設計教學的思維,我們並將電腦教室(computer lab)更名為設計教室(Design Lab)。在不久的將來, 對於這個設計的新空間我們將有更多、更廣泛關於設計工具的討論,並將添置更多工具。這次教室換地點不僅換得較好的使用空間,同時也更便利大家進出使用學校設備。
  • 我們在學校餐廳的廚房裡已添置了一個大冰箱,讓那些從家裡帶食物到學校的學生有地方存放他們的午餐。它就位於微波爐附近,很方便同學們到餐廳吃午餐時取出加熱。同學們帶來的午餐最晚需在當天結束時清理乾淨帶回家。學校將監測大家使用情況,以確定清理此冰箱廢棄食物的適當清理時間表。
  • 目前我們正在確定本學年結束前各項計畫及活動的時間表,我們將盡快為您提供完整的訊息,包括同學們的表演、慶典、畢業典禮、晉級儀式,期末考試和需要師、生或家長協助服務時間。



校長  金安東    副校長 童元欣