Dear AST Family and Friends,

As TAIMUN week comes to a wrap, please encourage your children to take a deep breath and reflect on and talk about the week. There was so much going on at such a high level it can be hard to take in. The ES students celebrated UN Day, had a field trip day, and hosted the students of Fah Zhi School. The 6th and 7th-grade students spent two days learning without walls. The 8th-grade students had their first TAIMUN experiences as secretaries during this epic event. They witnessed the debate, compromise, and the all-around process that leads to resolutions. The high school students lived and breathed the event as the delegates, members of the admin team, reporters for the press team, or the secretariat (student leadership team).

Support for these events comes from every member of the faculty and staff of the school. Without their support and student guidance, these experiences wouldn't be possible, and I want to publically thank them.

Next week, our student reflection continues as we host student-led conferences for middle and high school students on Thursday. Final scheduling is still underway and all parents are strongly encouraged to come in and be part of this reflection.

Have a great next week,


Tea Time with the Directors

On Thursday, in the midst of the student-led conferences, we will host the middle school tea time at 2:30 pm. This will include a short presentation from our counselor, Diane Wilson, about the transition into high school. This presentation will be repeated again in the early fall, next year. Please drop by and share your thoughts.


Student-Led Conferences Notes

Student-led conferences are a discussion about your child's learning. The conversation is an opportunity to talk about what they learned, why that is meaningful, and what they are still challenged by. Some questions that teachers and parents may ask include:

l  Why is that important? interesting? challenging?

l  What other things might that relate to?

l  What do you want to do differently next time?

If a parent is unable to attend, students are still expected to hold their conference with their homeroom / advisory teacher. They are encouraged to try and bring an alternative adult from home or find an alternative adult on campus. The members of the staff and administration are already signing up to step in for parents as needed.

This is the second time for most parents and students. It may be rough around the edges, and we will talk about the experience, and improve upon it.


TAIMUN週即將結束,請您鼓勵孩子們做個深呼吸後,好好與您談談他們對於這一星期的反思。 在經歷許多高水平活動同時進行中,難免會有些需要再次回想以免遺漏的寶貴經驗。  本週我們小學部同學不但歡慶了UN Day, 撥出一整天時間進行校外教學,還招待法治國小的同學前來AST交流。  6年級與7年級同學以兩天的時間在校外學習。 8年級同學以擔任模擬聯合國各委員會秘書職位首次參與了AST歷史悠久的TAIMUN活動。藉此機會,他們可以目睹模擬聯合國開會進行提案、辯論、協商到獲得結論的全程細節。  而我們高中部的同學則是實際擔任了會議中的各國代表、大會行政團隊成員、會議媒體記者或秘書處領導人等職位,完全體驗聯合國大會開會經驗。

AST全體教職員們對於上述各活動都盡全力支持。沒有他們的支持和對學生的指導, 同學們是不可能成就這些寶貴經驗的, 我要藉此機會公開感謝大家。

下星期,同學們還要繼續一項重要的反思活動,就是即將在4月26日星期四舉行的初、高中部學生主導會議(SLC)。  我們歡迎家長踴躍參與孩子的主導會議,如欲參加這次的會議的家長,請以電郵與學校聯絡想參加的時段。






星期四在學生主導會議進行同時,我們也將在下午2:30起為初中部家長舉行與校長的茶會。 這次茶會將請島輔導老師Ms. Diane Wilson 為家長們簡單整理8年級同學升上高中應注意的一些事項 。同樣的主題我們也會今年秋天下學年開學後,再向家長報告一次。 請家長們踴躍參加,並不吝與我們分享您的意見。



學生主導會議旨在討論孩子們的學習,經由孩子主導的對話機會,了解他們的學習中有甚麼對他們別具意義,有哪些讓他們仍覺得具有挑戰性 。以下列出一些讓老師與家長們參加學生主導會議時,可以針對孩子所報告事項詢問他們的問題:

  l   為何他覺得很重要? 有興趣? 有挑戰性?

  l   其他還有甚麼事項可能也有關聯?

  l   下次想要有甚麼不同的改變?

如果家長當天無法親自到AST來參加會議,孩子們仍將被安排時段與班導或輔導小組老師進行他們主導的會議。 我們鼓勵他們能請其他家人或學校裡其他大人參加他的主導會議。 如果同學們真有需要,學校裡的行政人員已準備好可以陪同參加。