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English Use in Instructional Areas

In the school handbook, it clearly states “English is the language of instruction. Use of other languages in class is only with permission of the teacher and should be focused on improving understanding of the lesson.” This policy reflects AST’s commitment to prepare our graduates for success in English language colleges and universities.

To enforce this policy, English is the language expected in all instructional areas for middle and high school, such as classrooms, labs, theater, and library throughout the school day and in the gym and MPR during classes. Students who are in violation and do not respond to correction will be sent to the director for the remainder of the class. The student will email parents to inform them why he or she was removed from class. Individuals who continue to violate the policy may be suspended from school and a determination made whether AST is the right school for the student. Students will be informed of these procedures next week.

Elementary procedures will not change from the current “English Only” policy.

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Andrew Corcoran





在AST的Parent-Student Handbook中明確規定 "英語為課堂上所使用的唯一語言。若使用其他語言必須先經過老師同意,且須是為了促進了解教學活動之目的。”這項規定反映了AST要讓我們所有畢業生都能成功接軌進入純英語教學大專院校的承諾。


小學部同學則將依循目前做法無須變動,也就是:小學部同學需全校園 ‟English Onlyˮ。


校長  柯安華