Dear AST Families and Friends,

Yesterday, after school in the theatre, the WASC Visiting Team shared their findings with those in attendance. Thank you to all the parents, faculty and staff that contributed to the process and participated in different events during the visit. The Visiting Team confirmed and validated our self-study and report. They praised the quality of the report in clarity, honest assessment, and well-targeted goals. The school has grown tremendously over the past six years and we look forward to continuing the work over the next six years. After the visit, there are a few process pieces to complete and a final filing with WASC in about two months. After that time, they will review the full set of reports and we expect them to confer full accreditation of our school again.

Next week is a very short but very busy week. On Monday and Tuesday, many students will participate in our annual 30-hour famine. During this event, these students will experience a glimpse of what too many people in our world today still experience regularly. On Tuesday, we will also host our annual Science Fair with students in every grade presenting their projects and also exploring the projects of others. On Wednesday, we are out of school for Spring Break. We will return from Spring Break on April 8, 2019.

Have a great weekend,


Save the Date

Who: Students in grades 8 through 12

What: Mini-MUN

Where: AST

When: April 13

Notes: Business dress is required for this event.





校長  金安東