Dear AST Families and Friends,

“This year feels so much more festive!” This was the quote that I heard numerous times from parents, teachers, and students during our International Carnival. Everyone was excited and wanted to stay for the entire event. To pull off an event of this caliber requires tremendous effort from many people and contributions from so many others. To the many people who contributed to this event by making food, sharing their talents, diligently planning, inviting friends or competing athletically... thank you. I am already excited about next year’s event!

This week the work on campus continues as we prepare to host the visiting WASC Accreditation Team next week, and the Science Fair the following short week, before spring break.

The WASC Visiting team will be with us from Sunday afternoon until Thursday evening. They will be visiting classrooms, meeting with different groups (sets of teachers, students, and parents,) and giving us feedback about our self-study through the lens of what they see on campus. We are very much looking forward to their feedback and insights. Parents and students have been invited to different meetings with the intention of finding a balance between our different AST community members. We worked hard to make sure that parents and students from different countries and different divisions (elementary, middle, high) were all represented. That said, anyone who would like to hear the final report on Thursday after school, is invited to join us in the theatre at 3:45 pm. At this event, the visiting committee will share their findings, and then they will depart.

The following week has two short busy days culminating with the science fair at 2:30 pm on Tuesday. Wednesday of that week is the start of spring break. The first day back after spring break is Monday, April 8, 2019.

Have a great weekend,


                                                             Summary of Coming Events:

            On Saturday, our middle school's girls and boys volleyball teams will be competing in the 8th-grade                    tournament at Morrison Academy.   Please come out and support them.

            On Sunday, we will host the TAIMUN chair training. AST students and guests will come together for a                  day of preparation for this upcoming event.

            On Thursday, join us to hear the WASC Visiting Committees findings at 3:45 pm in the theatre.

             On Tuesday, March 19, please join us at 2:30 pm for our annual science fair. Projects from students in               every grade will be on display.


“今年感覺更有節慶的氣息!” 這次在AST嘉年華會上聽到許多家長、老師和學生都這樣跟我分享。每個人都顯得很興奮,並想留下來參與全部的活動。當天我們可以看到學生們自己烹煮食物、表現他們課業外的各種才藝、努力策劃的各項精彩有趣活動,同時還邀請朋友一起參與或與進行運動友誼賽...。完成這樣的活動需要許多人的努力、配合和貢獻。藉此機會,我要對為本次活動付出各種貢獻的人們表示最誠摯的感謝。我已開始對明年的AST嘉年華感到興奮了!

本周校園內的各項活動依然持續進行中,我們已經做好準備歡迎 WASC代表團隊前來AST校園參訪,並將在春假前舉辦本年度的學生科學展覽。




校長  金安東


              3/9,星期六,我們初中部的男女排球隊將與Morrison的八年級生進行錦標賽。請大家一起前往Morrison                體育館支持並鼓勵他們。

              3/10,星期天,TAIMUN 各委員會主席培訓將於學校MPR舉行。 AST學生和其他學校同學嘉賓將齊聚                  一 堂,為即將到來的TAIMUN XVII 做準備。