Dear AST Family and Friends,

I have spent most of the week at Korea Kent Foreign School. My visit included both a ton of work and tremendous opportunity. I have walked through the accreditation process on the side of the visiting team and I now better understand their process. This will help us to prepare for our accreditation visit next year. I have seen a school similar in size to AST that was forged differently. This grants ideas that I can bring back to improve our school. I have built new relationships with an overseas school that can turn into partnerships. One specific example is that the Principal and I have already begun the discussion of what a student exchange opportunity might look like.

When looking at WASC accreditation, there are two items that are more significant than any other:

1.       Is the school focused on learning?

2.       Does the school prepare global citizens?

When I returned to AST with these questions as my key focus from the last week, I smiled about what is going on at our school right now.

Today, is our AST International Carnival. This tradition vividly illustrates our diverse and global-minded community. It allows us to share a day together as a larger community sharing food, playing games, and competing in a friendly way. This is a special time to be on campus.

Next week, we are hitting two more big global issues with the 30-Hour Famine and our guest speaker and project wrap-ups on Human Trafficking. AST is providing opportunities for students to explore some of these very real global issues and make connections to their own lives and communities. This week, with the history presentations from the 6th and 7th grade students and the middle school drama monologues and duologues, we see the tremendous commitment to high quality educational experiences and a desire to address that with real topics.

Have a great next week,



這一星期我都在首爾的Korea Kent Foreign School擔任WASC評鑑委員。這次出差工作給了我很棒的機會,讓我除了與來自不同國際學校的小組成員共同完成評鑑程序外,對於WASC評鑑的過程還有了更深入的了解。這樣的經驗對於AST準備明年將面對同樣的評鑑非常有幫助。我還看到了這所與AST人數相似的學校與我們之間的差異處,因此並激發了我回台後要如何改善我們學校的一些想法。另外,我與一所海外國際學校也已建立起相互合作情誼。例如,目前這所學校的校長和我正討論到兩校交換學生的可行性。


1.       學校是否專注於學習?

2.       學校是否準備栽培出全球公民?



下星期,校園裡還將舉行 ‟飢餓30ˮ、高中社會科人口販運問題專案請來移民署專家為同學們演講,兩項全球性議題的活動。AST給同學們探索實際全球性問題,並提供他們將自己的生活與社群聯結在一起的機會。這星期另外還將有6、7年級社會科的簡報,及初中部戲劇課表演活動。我們真的可以看得到AST以實際行動來達成我們提供高品質教育經驗的重大承諾。