Dear AST Family and Friends,

This past Monday we introduced our improved audio-visual equipment for the gymnasium by playing a Dragon themed stop-action movie made by three of our elementary students at our All-School assembly. The movie was impressive and well received by the entire audience. Bao was the leader of the development team and he will be presenting on Monday to our students about how they could make their own movie.

This Friday we celebrated the Elementary School Science Fair. Students' boards have been up all week in the C building foyer. Middle school and high schools students have been reviewing the projects and sharing in the excitement. On Friday, we held the Science Fair including students talking to parents about their projects and our award ceremony.

Next week on Saturday we will host our International Carnival and Open House. During the carnival, be sure to check out the friendly volleyball tournament and to find the pony exhibit. Thank you to all the parents supporting our kids in pulling together this event.

Here are a few scheduling notes:

Ÿ   One Hour After Normal Time - Bus Pick Up

Ÿ   8:30 am - Students Arrive

Ÿ   10:00 am - Carnival Begins

Ÿ   11:00 am - School Presentation

Ÿ   1:00 pm - School Presentation

Ÿ   2:00 pm - Carnival Ends

Ÿ   3:00 pm - Students May Depart (assuming cleanup is done)

Ÿ   3:45 pm - Buses Depart for Home

And, there is no school on Monday in lieu of the Saturday school day.

Finally, it is time for new school applicants to apply for the 2018-2019 school year. For guaranteed consideration, applications should apply by April 30th. After that date, applications will be considered as they come in and as space allows. If you know someone considering AST, please encourage them to get it touch with us now.

Have a great next week,



這星期一的全校月會中,我們除了介紹學校體育館內全新設置的影音設備給大家外,還利用新設備播放了由三位AST小學生製作的恐龍主題影片。現場師生觀眾對這部影片都留下了深刻的印象。影片是由三年級的Bao Yuen所帶領的團隊製作的,他還將於下星期一為其他同學簡報他們這部影片的製作過程。




Ÿ   上學校車比平常晚一小時到站

Ÿ   上午8:30 – 學生開始到校

Ÿ   上午10:00 – 嘉年華會活動正式開始

Ÿ   上午11:00 –課程說明會

Ÿ   下午1:00 – 課程說明會

Ÿ   下午2:00 – 嘉年華會活動結束

Ÿ   下午3:00 – 學生可以放學回家(須在確定已完成各自攤位的清潔工作後)

Ÿ   下午3:45 – 放學校車依平常時間發車