Dear AST Families and Friends,

This week, teams around the school have been busy putting together final touches for the AST International Carnival. Please join us on Thursday, 2/28, for this celebration of cultures from around the world. The main carnival events this year will take place in the areas around the Lincoln Activity Center. Parents and guest will park on Lincoln Way for the event. Space is always tight for this busy event so if you have the means to carpool, please do.

As a school, we are trying to more and more environmentally conscientious. With that in mind, we have purchased utensil sets for all students. We are asking students to bring these utensils to and from school every day and to keep them clean. This small act should make a big difference in reducing plastic waste at lunchtime. Equally, at the carnival, we ask that all students bring their utensils to help reduce that plastic waste.

On Thursday morning, student buses will run on their normal routes, one hour behind their normal schedules. This will allow middle and high school students to get to school earlier to set up for the event. After the event, there will be two late buses, one per route, leaving at 3:45 pm to take students home that do not leave with their parents. It is expected that elementary students come with their families and everyone is encouraged to bring a friend.

During the international carnival, we host two information sessions for prospective parents at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. Please invite those family friends that would positively grow our great community.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday for the celebration. There will be no school on Friday in honor of the national 2/28 holiday.

Have a great weekend,






除了嘉年華活動外,星期四當天我們還將舉行兩場 "校園開放參觀說明會",分別將於上午11點與下午1點舉行。歡迎大家積極邀請對進入AST大家庭接受純美式教育有興趣的家庭或朋友前來參加我們的說明會。



校長  金安東