Dear AST Family and Friends, 

The campus will not reopen until Tuesday, February 25, 2020.

As we prepare for our return to campus on February 25, we need to gather some information from all of our families related to their travel plans and health over the last two weeks and looking forward to it. To make gathering that information as easy as possible, we have created a survey using Survey Monkey. We need the survey completed for each household and students will not be permitted to return until the survey is completed.

Mandatory Survey:

We would also like to remind everyone of some of the precautions and expectations that will be in place as we remain as vigilant as possible about the safety of our children.

Symptom Monitoring

  • Any student experiencing a fever greater than 37.5 should remain at home for 24 hours. We encourage parents to check the temperature before coming to school to avoid having students turned away at the bus or school.
  • Any student experiencing moderate to severe cold or flu symptoms should remain at home.
  • Any student experiencing minor cold or flu symptoms must wear a mask on the bus and at school. These students should provide their own masks.
  • Please try to keep extra medical masks in each student’s backpack.

Bus and Windows Procedure

  • All students should wear a mask while on the bus.
  • As much as we are able, windows on the buses will remain open.
  • As much as we are able, windows in classrooms will remain open. (We will increase our normal AQI threshold to 150 for the foreseeable future. If the air quality exceeds 150 AQI, we will close windows and keep students inside during recess.)

Student Drop Off

  • Student dropoff will only be outside of the Lincoln Activity Center (LAC) up until 8:05 am. Late arrival students (after 8:05) may be dropped off at the main gate.
  • Parents must remain in their vehicles and will not be permitted to enter the campus without a prearranged appointment.
  • All students' temperatures will be checked at drop off.
  • All students will be required to sanitize their hands at drop off.

Student Pickup

  • Student pickup will only be outside of the Lincoln Activity Center (LAC) beginning at 3:30 pm. 
  • Parents should remain in their vehicles and will be greeted by faculty or staff members.

After School Activities

  • All after school activities are currently postponed.
  • We have not yet determined when and how these after school programs will be restored.
  • The athletic tournaments scheduled up through March 14 have all been postponed or canceled.

Schedule Changes

  • We will hold instructional AP work sessions on March 7 and March 14. We will hold AP practice exam sessions on April 11, April 18, and April 25.  These work sessions will be strongly recommended, but not required. An exact schedule of which AP courses will meet on which days is currently being developed.
  • We are considering the use of April 6 for school purposes. All other dates in Spring Break will not be changed.

Refunds Related to School Lunch, Busing, and After School Activities

  • It is our intention to provide refunds related to these postponed services appropriate to the cancellations. We are waiting until we fully return and finalize any potential makeup schedules to begin the processing of this information.

Donations are being accepted for specific supplies

  • It is very challenging to get certain supplies right now in Taiwan. If you have extra medical masks, alcohol, or a connection to a supplier with stock available, we would appreciate the donation or the connection. While we are prepared in the short term, we are concerned if procedures are required to tighten over the coming months. As always, we are planning for the worst and hoping for the best.

Future Travel Plans

  • If you are planning to travel outside of Taiwan (especially to countries affected by the Coronavirus), please consider adjusting those plans. There are currently mandatory quarantines for people traveling to or through certain countries. This list changes regularly. If you leave Taiwan, you may find yourself in quarantine at your destination country and then again in quarantine on return to Taiwan. Once we are back in regular session, we will not expect teachers to provide full online lessons for students under quarantine--that expectation would be unreasonable. Therefore, it is important that families minimize their risk of being placed in quarantine.

Best regards,

Anthony Keen


在準備2月25日讓大家返回校園上課的程序中,我們極需從AST所有家庭收集一些與他們過去兩週的旅行計劃和健康狀況有關的信息。為了能簡易有效率的收集這些信息,我們使用了Survey Monkey建立了一份線上問卷調查。我們請求每個家庭協助確實完成調查,在沒完成問卷之前,學生請勿返回校園。

Mandatory Survey問卷:



  • 任何人若體溫大於37.5時,都不應在發燒後24小時之內到校園來。我們鼓勵家長們在孩子上學之前先檢查一下他們的體溫,以免學生無法上校車或到學校之後被要求返家。
  • 任何人若出現中度到重度感冒或流感症狀都應留在家裡,不要到校園來。
  • 出現輕微感冒或流感症狀的學生必須在校車和學校全程戴上口罩。並請這些學生應準備好自己的口罩。
  • 請家長盡量在自己孩子的書包中準備有他們自用的醫療口罩。


  • 所有學生在乘坐校車時都應戴上口罩。
  • 校車上的窗戶將儘可能地保持打開狀態。
  • 學校教室的窗戶也將盡可能地保持打開狀態。 (接下來,我們會將正常空氣品質監測值提高到以150為基準。如果空氣質量超過150 AQI,我們就會在下課休息期間關閉窗戶,並將學生留在室內。)


  • 送學生到校的汽車一律請在上午8:05前停在林肯活動中心(LAC)之外讓學生下車。遲到的學生(8:05之後)則需在正門下車。
  • 接送的家長請必須留在自己的車內,未經事先安排,不得下車進入校園。
  • 學生下車時請配合學校人員檢查體溫。
  • 所有學生都必須在下車前配合學校人員噴灑酒精消毒雙手。


  • 接送學生放學請在下午3:30以後到林肯活動中心(LAC)之外等候孩子。
  • 家長必須留在自己的車裡,由值勤教職員傳導孩子上車。


  • 目前所有放學後活動都被推延。
  • 我們尚未確定何時以及如何恢復這些課後課程。
  • 截至3月14日前的體育競賽也已全部延後或取消。


  • 我們將在3月7日和3月14日進行AP教學指導課程;並將在4月11日,4月18日和4月25日進行AP考試練習課程。強烈建議修AP課的學生參加補課,但並非必需。目前我們正在製定各科AP課程將在哪幾天舉行的確切時間表。
  • 我們正在考慮將4月6日用於全校補課一天;另春假的其他日期將不更改。


  • 我們已在進行與校園延遲開放上課有關的一些已收款項服務的退費辦法。但我們必須等到學生完全返回校園,且所有可能的補課時間表都確定後,才能提供更確切的退款信息。


  • 目前要取得台灣的一些防疫特定物資,是非常具有挑戰性的。如果您有多餘的醫用口罩、75%酒精或與有現貨供應商的聯繫方式,我們將非常感謝您慷慨的捐贈或給予我們廠商的聯繫資訊。雖然,校內的防疫物資在短期內的使用量是已有所準備,但我們仍擔心在未來幾個月內會有更多的需求。一如既往,我們正在為最壞的事情做計劃,並為最好的解決方法做準備。


  • 如果您打算在台灣以外的地方旅遊(特別是到受新型冠狀病毒感染的國家),請考慮調整您的計劃。當前台灣政府仍有針對前往或經過某些國家/地區的人們的強制隔離措施,且表列的國家/地區還會定期更新。如果您離開台灣,可能會發現自己所前往的目的地國被訂為疫區,或在返回台灣時被規定需隔離。學校一旦回規正常上課時程,就不會讓老師為接受隔離的學生提供完整的線上課程 -  因這種期望是不合理的。因此,請我們大家庭的所有成員都重視自我防疫,應盡量減少被隔離的風險。

校長 金安東