Dear Members of the AST Community, 

As we consider our return date, we have maintained these priorities in our decision-making process in this order:

  1. We maintain the safety of our students and our community.
  2. We maximize student learning while not neglecting safety.
  3. We support those students needing to be successful on external assessments (AP).

Throughout our consideration, we have worked closely with health professionals, other international schools, and the Ministry of Education (MOE). Based on our research and collaboration, we see the wisdom in following the MOE’s guideline of postponing the return to campus until February 25, 2020. This date was carefully selected to follow two critical checkpoints in monitoring the virus’s progress in Taiwan.

The campus will not reopen until Tuesday, February 25, 2020.

During this time, we will continue to utilize online learning to keep our children moving forward in their education. We have updated our AST Online Learning Expectations for Students to help us all to address some challenges that have come up in our first week of this experience. Parents and students should go through these expectations together to ensure that we all have a shared understanding of those expectations. 

Additionally, we are making a series of adjustments to our school calendar so that we can ensure student safety and keep a focus on academic achievement.

  • The International Carnival scheduled for 2/28 is indefinitely postponed. 2/28 is now a regular academic day.
  • We are adding additional days that will be specifically for AP courses. An exact schedule will be coming later, but those days to be included so far are: 
  • Saturday, 3/7
  • Saturday, 3/14
  • Monday, 4/6 - This date is being considered for conversion into a full school day.
  • Saturday, 4/11
  • Saturday, 4/18
  • Saturday, 4/25
  • The half days on 4/10 and 5/1 will be full school days.
  • Some scheduled events have been indefinitely postponed and we will make efforts to reschedule or rework these events.
  • MS / HS STEM Fair
  • ES STEM Fair
  • The AST Summer Camp this year has been canceled.
  • As of right now, TAIMUN remains unaffected, but its viability is still being analyzed.

Meanwhile, the preparations for returning to campus are ongoing. We have prepared alcohol-based sanitizer and will be using thermometers to check temperatures of all students getting on to a school bus or coming to campus. We have tightened our cleaning procedures to ensure that the spread of cold and flu viruses are kept to a minimum. We have also redefined and restricted our pick-up and drop-off procedures for students that get to and leave from campus in this way. We will share more information as our return date gets closer in regard to this updated pick-up and drop-off procedures.

Please stay safe by avoiding any large group settings, practicing good handwashing, and avoiding others if you have any cold or flu symptoms.

Best regards,

Anthony & Annie



1. 我們需維護學生和所有AST大家庭每位成員的安全。

2. 我們要在不忽略人身安全性的考量下,盡可能地提高學生的學習水平。

3. 我們還需支持到那些需要成功接受校外測驗如AP考試學生的學習。

在整個決議過程中,我們與衛生專業人員、其他國際學校以及教育部(MOE)一直保持緊密合作。 綜合我們的研究和與大家的合作,我們了解教育部將國內各級學下學期開學日推遲到2020年2月25日的指導方針是極為明智的做法。我們也精心選擇了這個日期,以遵循兩個關鍵檢查點來監控台灣的疫情進展。


在這段時間裡,我們將繼續利用線上教學,以使我們的孩子持續接受教育並不斷進步。 我們已經更新了 AST Online Learning Expectations for Students 《AST學生線上學習守則》,以幫助我們所有人(師生及家長)改善在第一周的體驗中遇到的一些挑戰。請家長和孩子們一起遵守這些規定,以確保我們大家對這些線上教學的規則與期望有共同的理解。


  • 原計劃於2/28舉行的國際嘉年華會將無限期推遲。 2/28現在將是常規的上學日。
  • 我們將增加額外的上課日,這些天將專門用於AP課程。 確切的時間表將在稍後發布,但到目前為止計畫的日期包括:
  • 3/7, 星期六
  • 3/14, 星期六
  • 4/6, 星期一 - 正在考慮將該日期轉成一個完整的上課日。
  • 4/11, 星期六
  • 4/18, 星期六
  • 4/25, 星期六
  • 4/10和5/1的半天課表改為全日課表。
  • 另有一些原來安排好的活動,現在已無限期推遲,我們將努力看要重新選日或重新安排這些活動。
  • MS / HS STEM Fair (初/高中部科學展)
  • ES STEM Fair(小學部科學展)
  • 今年的AST夏令營已被取消。
  • 截至目前,TAIMUN仍不受影響,但其可行性仍在分析中,也許還有變數。

同時,校園裡目前正在進行恢復正常上課的準備工作。 我們已經準備了酒精消毒劑,並將使用額溫計檢查所有上校車或自行搭車上學的學生體溫。 我們已經嚴格加強了日常校園清潔程序,以確保將校園裡感冒和流感病毒的傳播降至最低。 我們還重新規定和限制進出校園的學生接送程序。 關於最新的學生接送程序,我們在靠近恢復到校上課日期前,將會再分享更多信息。


校長 金安東   副校長 童元欣